What the deal with odd unrecognized characters in thread titles?

I see four boxes with 26/06 printed in them and then “for Dallas Buyers”.

How did someone get unrecognized fonts in a thread title? Is it supposed to display something Firefox can display? What character is 26/06?

I’ve seen a couple other threads like this. just curious what’s up.

That thread title is showing five stars (*****. but stars, not asterisks) for me in Firefox. What browser are you using?

Only 4 stars (☆☆☆☆) actually.

I see four stars in Chrome.

I would assume it’s a browser issue.

Oops. I counted on a cartoon character’s fingers and converted.

Unicode. If you can’t see Unicode characters, odds are you’re probably using a first generation smart phone or tablet, or a very old computer.

I’m Using XP on a Dell laptop I bought in 2007. Not very old at all…

odd that I can’t see Unicode. I have the latest Firefox. It updates itself automatically.

Asterisks **** aren’t a problem. stars I don’t see.

How did someone get unicode characters in a thread title? I’m doing good to type regular letters. :wink:

I hate to say this but a computer from 2007 is considered “very old” these days, and XP is also “very old”.

iPhone 3G here. Not only can I see four stars, I can type 'em.




All you need to do is cut and paste.

Windows XP will no longer be supported by MicroSoft in about 2 weeks. In computer terms, you are practically Paleolithic.:smiley:

aceplace57, see this post that I put up just a few minutes ago, in which I posted a whole bunch of “special characters”. How many of those does your system display?

I just fired up my XP laptop originally from about the same time period, and I’m not having any troubles. There were a couple symbols I didn’t have in Senegoid’s post, but I had most of them. And one of them I don’t even have on my Windows 7 computer.

Ultimately it’s down to what fonts you have, but I don’t have many that didn’t come with Windows XP on that laptop. Really, really old versions of Firefox would not do font substitution (which means that, if it can’t find a character in one font, it will pick the closest font that does have the character.)

I just remembered my even older computer that did have this problem. It seems that sometimes Windows XP doesn’t come with certain fonts enabled. I used Google and found some quick instructions that may help provide you with better Unicode support.