What the Englishman said ...

… about the difference between England and the United States:

  1. We speak English.

  2. When we hold a “world championship” we invite other countries.

  3. When you greet our head of state you only have to go down on ONE knee.

So amused old boy, good show.

convulsing in fits of laughter from #3

So if it’s cultural differences you want:

A Frenchman, Italian and Russian are sharing a compartment on a train through Europe. After several hours of travel, the Frenchman said “Aha, we are in France!”
“How Can you tell?” asked the others.
“They are serving the best cheese you’ll ever taste.” said the Frenchman.
After several more hours, the Italian proclaimed “We are now in Italy! I can smell the garlic sause from here.”
Several hours went by, and the Russian yelled “We are in Russia!”
“Oh, are they serving caviar?” Asked the others. “No” said the Russian, “I just had my wallet stolen”

::ducks, runs::

That Frenchman obviously hasn’t been to Wisconsin

What??? The Frenchman was talking to Aha? Was Aha trying to get yet another welcome to the board?

Why would the French welcome Aha? Did his music sell much over there?

I know you guys find this hard to believe, but Aha is just HUGE in France.

I’d believe it… aha, jerry lewis… it all makes sense…