What the fuck is Obama thinking?

Between putting Jeffrey Immelt in charge of jobs creation and Stanley McChrystal co-chairing a White House commission on military families, Obama shows that he has no common sense or decency. I am a die hard liberal, but I am hoping against hope our DINO president finds himself in competition for the Democratic Party nominee in 2012. What a major disappointment he turned out to be.

If he has a serious contender for the primary, we’ll end up with President [hurk] Bachmann or the like.

I think people have really irrational expectations of presidents.

He’s probably wondering if there is any way he could run as an Independent. :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt it.

Your entire post screams ‘concern troll’.

Well, stupid is bipartisan.

Yes, it is, but whether it is proportional is another question entirely.

But what kind of ‘die-hard liberal’ focuses on small fry like Immelt and McChrystal and mentions not word one about health care or Libya? Or uses buzzwords like ‘DINO’ when it’s the nutcase Right that is currently engaged in moderate-purging? The OP does not pass the smell test.

True. I was so busy rolling my eyes I forgot to look. :smiley:

Yeah, guess you missed my posts on Unions. Why don’t you do a little reading before labeling me a troll… or even better show me the fallacy of my thinking that his two appointments are unbelievably insensitive.

I don’t like those appointments either, but he does have Elizabeth Warren.

Those posts are largely sinecures.

Yes, I have the expectation that the general he fired and was found to have helped to cover up Tillman’s death is not appointed by him to co-chair anything to do with military families as well as the expectation not to appoint someone whose company pays little or no taxes and ships jobs off-shore to help solve an American jobs problem.

If you guys seriously don’t think that there a lot of unhappy liberals like myself who feel disappointed that he turned out to be the great compromiser instead of a great leader, you guys haven’t been paying attention.

Agreed. Now they have to give her the power to get things done that have some teeth.

Suuuurrre you are.

Whenever I hear “I"m not an X but…” I get suspicious.

It’s what they represent. He could have easily picked more appropriate people for both of those appointments.

Fine, "I am a die hard liberal, AND…

I don’t have to convince you of anything. I know my beliefs.

I think people knew he was dead

Unions? Capitalized? Really?

You Koch suckers really are a transparent lot.

I am well aware that there are a lot of liberals unhappy about Obama’s lack of leadership. And I too have had various concerns about some of his appointments.

But getting all fired up about those particular ones, in the face of everything else going on? If you’re a genuine liberal, you’re going to spontaneously combust in a very short time trying to control all the burning rage inside.

And DINO? No, I think he’s very much a Democrat.

OK, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, OP. If you are a genuine progressive, which, viewing some of your earlier posts you could be, I have to tell you that a strong primary challenge is what many people view as sinking Jimmy Carter’s re-election bid in 1980. And given that the right wing has repeatedly expressed their desire to cast Barack Obama in the Jimmy Carter mold… you may wanna be careful what you wish for.

Yes, but are they insensitive sinecures?