What the h*lls the f*cking difference? (warning; naughty language.)

What is the difference between typing “chickensht" and “chickenshit”? Or "fck” and “fuck”? Everyone inserts the missing letter/letters anyway.
I say that, effectively, it’s exactly the same thing.
Because the thoughts that pass from writers to readers are exactly the same.
Well, there is that little thing with the mods and all.
Bye. :wink:

I agree with you 100%. It appears to be a (not-so-)clever way of wanting to seem above using “bad words,” but still expressing the sentiment behind them. If you want to say “fuck,” don’t pretend you’re too refined to do so by typing “f*ck.”

chicken shit and get it all out in the open.

I admit I’ve used them before, and I guess it IS silly when you think about it :frowning:

But then, it’s often a case of making a non-crude point about without wanting to sound crude in the process. OK, that was about as unclear as I can make it. :smiley:

I’ll see if an example can make my point better: “This is a sensitive issue, so please don’t come in here telling people to ‘go f*ck themselves’ because you don’t agree with their posts” This use, imho, is often justified.

However, saying: “And ya’ll can just go f*ck yourselves!” is different, because you’re communicating hostility and crudeness anyway.

Ehm, I hope some of that made sense.

— G. Raven

Chicken shit is an excrement, while chickenshit is a sentiment. :cool:

Sometimes, if you’re on a board or a something that censors certain words, you can get around it by inserting the asterick.

Of course, there’s always F—

I say spell it out, and take your chances. Or don’t post.
I hate censorship. But every board I’ve ever seen asks participants to agree to a set of rules. I wouldn’t want to see a bunch of rough language on my kid’s nick site, either.
They should learn that stuff in school, where it’s appropriate. :wink:
Oh g*sh, forgot my sig in the OP.

I mean, if the software itself censors it. I was at a chatroom once where swears were automatically turned into asteriks. That was one way to get around it.

Plus, sometimes, it looks funnier saying, SHT, GOD**IT!!!

The only type of censoring that ever makes sense is when you use all symbols (example: &#@$%!). It allows the audience to fill in the blank on their own. Putting "FCK" is really kinda pointless… unless you’re expecting the audience to think “fack” or “fick”.

SPOOFE, you just reminded me of someone.
When I was a kid I knew a christian girl who would, when she saw the word FUCK, change it to POOR.
Now that’s really subtle censorship. :smiley:
I’ve seen where this has been done by other people, too. Those slly christians. Gotta lve 'em. :wink:
BTW; Why do some posters type this; G*d?

cmkeller, among others, does this because Orthodox Jews won’t write the Name of God on any sort of disposable medium. (Once it’s been written on something, that thing must be treated with respect and can’t just be thrown out - it has to be buried). They also won’t say a Name of God outside of a formal, prayer setting, generally saying “Hashem” (“the Name”) in conversation. Strictly speaking, this ban on writing applies only to the Names of God, which are in Hebrew, but many people (not including me) extend the prohibition to the English word “God”, and won’t write it out completely.

Thanks, GilaB. :slight_smile:

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Chicken shit is an excrement, while chickenshit is a sentiment. :cool:

See, now, I thought kniz was offering us a bumper sticker motto. Sort of like the ones that say “Hikers do it with ropes” except, of course, this one would say “Chicken shit and get it all out in the open.”

I hate censorship too. I think we should be allowed to say what we want. And by saying curse words, we are only getting back to our anglo-saxon roots (well, white europeans anyways). If anyone knows the history of curse words, plz tell everyone. I would, but i’ve done it before, and im tired.

And anyways, curse words are a great way to vent anger.

Well hell, mangeorge, I never really thought about this! I personally like cussing because it lends a certain spice to things, but the key is not to overdo it. To limit yourself to cuss words solely when you want to vent deprives you and your audience of seeing how creative you can get with your insults. Sometimes telling someone “Fuck you!” will do. But then sometimes telling someone you wonder if they mamma was on crack when she was carrying them works much better. [giggle] I’m sure given the depth and breadth of knowledge accumulated on this board, folks can come up with even better lines.

Now I’ve been known to use them star-thingys in cuss words too, but that’s just when I’m tryin’ to be cute. And I agree with Guinastasia, God***mit DOES look funny. Ain’t no way anybody going to mistake that for anything other than what it is. However, I’d like to extend my knowledge of curse words to those naughty expressions other languages have as well, and I do wish other Dopers would cuss in foreign languages on this board. I say hell motherfucking yeah! Let’s have more cussin’. :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued as to how this phenomenon applies to TV. Especially basic cable.

They may run a disclaimer before the show saying that “this program may contain offensive language.” Then they censor the swear words. They don’t bleep them anymore, they just cut out the audio for the duration of the word. Meanwhile you can clearly read the guy’s lips saying, “holy fucking shit!”.

Or someone might flip the bird and have just a little squiggle of digitilization obscuring the middle finger. I say stop pretending you’re trying to save my delicate sensibilities and just run with it, ferchrissakes.

I would love it if broadcast television were completely uncensored - at the discretion of the producers that is. There could still be family fare without nudity or offensive language, but wouldn’t it be cool to hear that Weakest Link lady say, “you ARE the weakest fucking link. Fuck off.”
Or at the very least to see the friends women topless.

I’m not sure exactly what to make of that statement. Care to elucidate?

FWIW, Brill’s Content ran a piece from their ombudsman a few months ago on just this topic. Brill’s puts the dashes in the “dirty” words. Some of their readers challenged this policy, stating that a magazine which dedicated itself to critiquing how other media conduct themselves should not be engaging in that type of censorship. Stephen Brill’s response was something to the effect of ‘my daughters used to take the magazine in to school with them and they couldn’t have if the dirty words had been spelled out, and besides, everyone knows what the words are anyway.’ to which my thought was, if everyone knows what the words are anyway and the magazines are still OK in the schools, what majik power does the asterisk have?

I think it’s a habit which stems from using chat rooms with automatic censorship; some auto-censors change the entire word to four asterisks, even if the original word wasn’t a four letter one, this makes it hard to understand (especially if there were a number of such words in there (some chat rooms I’ve been to were so OTT on censorship and even blanked out words like ‘blow’ and ‘ball’ etc), people got around this by pressing <Alt Gr> with the vowels, so you get áéíóú instead, which fooled the thing quite nicely.

And just to prove that there is nothing so esoteric that the Simpsons haven’t thought of it first, does everyone remember the “Thelma and Louise” episode where Marge and Ruth go to the country/western bar with the neon sign out front reading SH TKICKERS? Marge says “I’ve always wanted to go to Shotkickers,” demonstrating the dirty minds of the entire Simpsons fanbase.