What the heck is "bridge mix," anyway?

I always thought I didn’t like it, because it always includes lots of chocolate-coated gummy things, which seem to me to be something of a travesty.

But then my husband bought some and it was awesome, mostly chocolate-coated nuts but also raisins, as well as that most divine chocolate-coated confection, Junior Mints. Yum. I sucked that bridge mix back in record time.

So I went to buy some more, and guess what I find?

Chocolate-coated gummy travesties. Not a Junior Mint or nut in the bunch.

What gives? What is this stuff, anyway? Is it like trail mix, something whose ingredients vary depending on the maker?

And, more crucially, does anybody like chocolate-coated gummy things? Bridge players?

My first though was a form of concrete. I’ve never heard the term applied to food.

Really? Could it be a regional thing? The mystery deepens …

Honestly, it’s always been something I’ve largely ignored the existence of, due to the chocolate-coated gummy madness. I thought everyone else felt the same way. I guess you learn something new every day.

A Google search tells me I’m not the only one who’s heard of it, and it also reveals a variety of different ingredients.

Why bridge? Why chocolate-coated gummies? What gives?

From my experience, it’s an assortment of milk- and/or dark-chocolate coated tidbits, to include peanuts, raisins, Junior Mints, fruit gels, taffy, etc. The story I was always given as to its origin by my mom, who did not play bridge, was that it was , being chocolate-enrobed but not melty like, say fudge, a genteel way for ladies to indulge their chocolate cravings without getting their fingers (or gloves) dirty.

It varies by manufacturer, but since I have, like, a negative sweet tooth, the last time I had it I was probably nine or so. I remember Brach’s making one that was bought a lot around Xmas in my house.

I don’t have any answers, but I’d like to know what the small crunchy things are. They’re my favourite bridge-mix item.

Bridge mix is snack food that you eat while playing bridge (the card game). Webster’s agrees. Like trail mix, it can have a variety of different ingredients, but usually involves nuts and chocolate. This looks very tempting to me.

I’m not sure about your “chocolate-coated gummy travesties,” but a local drugstore once briefly sold chocolate-covered jelly beans. They were incredible, especially the grape ones. Then they disappeared, and I’ve been vaguely missing them ever since. Hmmm…maybe it’s time to do another internet search.

Great answer! Thanks!

They appear to be chocolate-coated gumdrops. Or wine gums. Or gummy bears (except they’re lumps, not bears.) Ugh. Why anyone would prefer chocolate-coated green gelatin to chocolate-coated mint is beyond me.

Malteasers? or just pretzel bits? Neither of the bridge mixtures I’ve eaten lately has contained anything crunchy but I would really love it if they did.