What the heck was I going to ask in GQ?

I had two questions for which I wanted factual answers. However, before I could commit my ponderings to keyboard, my train of though suffered a massive derailment. Some question whether it even left the station to begin with. :frowning:
Does anyone know what the heck I was going to ask???

Oooh, this is a toughie.

Was it “Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp, who put the ram In the rama lama ding dong?”

If so, you might ask Shirley Shirley Bo Birley Banana Fanna Fo Firley Fee Fie Moe Mirley Shirley.

pinkfreud, You are clearly in error. CynicalGabe has been here long enough to post that question in Cafe Society. I’m pretty sure that he wanted to know why we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway.

I thought it had something to do with words that end in -gry
(D & R)

No, CynicalGabe was probably wondering why a duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and why no one knows why.

I believe you were going to ask, “Hey! Where de white women at?” to lure the Klansmen away and bop them on the heads.

Don’t know the question, but do any of these answers help?

You should consult a lawyer
You should consult a doctor
You should consult an interior decorator
As long as everyone consents, I suppose it’s okay
The Green Bay Packers
It was his childhood sled
The weak atomic force
It started because Opal once made a comment about how two items don’t make a list
The USS Pennsylvania
Because a local court ruling in the Los Angeles area where they’re filmed makes it legal
It was his stepfather’s last name
Montpelier, Vermont

You forgot “42”

And “Only once.”

Can’t seen to remember the year, tho.

Probably the same two questions that I keep forgetting to ask (now, what were they?)

This made me giggle.

Brilliant. Can we get these on a stickie? It would save so much time…

“Little Rabbit Foo Foo,
running through the forest,
scooping up the Klansmen,
and bopping them on the head.”


“Does masturbation cause memory loss?”

Were you going to ask who first said “It’s déjà vu all over again.”?

I bet you were gonna ask a question about ninjas.

Either that or the best method for getting dogs pumped up.

Or, because of the semi-homophone, “Does meditation cause memory loss?” or “Does matriculation accost mammary loss?”

Maybe it was, “How do I regrout my gentile flooring?” ;j

Or the ever-popular, “Why does my cat do this?” :smiley:

I’ve got all the right answers. It’s just that other people keep asking all the wrong questions.

Let’s say I’m making some tea, so I need hot (boiling, or at least near-boiling) water. I can use hot or cold tap water, but the heater takes a little while to really start up. In other words, when you turn on the hot water, it comes out cold for a minute or so, then gradually becomes hot.

So, I can turn on the water, hold my hand under it until it gets fairly hot, then fill up a cup, and put that in the microwave. Or I can fill the cup immediately and put it in the microwave. It’s going to end up at the same temperature either way, it’s just that the water heater can do some of the work, or the microwave can do it all.

Which way costs less money in the long run, and which way takes less time? I know this probably depends on a zillion different factors, including the type of heater I have, the temperature of the cold tap water, the cost of electricity, etc. I don’t have that information, and honestly, I don’t really care what the answer is for practical purposes, I’m just curious. I guess I want a formula, rather than a number, if that makes sense. Any ideas?

I was going to post that as “I don’t know what YOU were going to ask, but this is what I was going to ask.” But then I ended up writing a whole OP and forgetting I was still in your thread. So please ignore the above post. Unless you know the answer, to all that, in which case I’ve gone ahead and started a thread.

:smack: :smack: :smack: