What the hell, Arizona?

This makes me pissed off at my state.

Seriously, what the hell? Makes me feel ashamed to live here.

Probably doesn’t mean much, but I apologize to all the LGBT posters for Arizona’s complete asshattery regarding this matter.

For what it’s worth, you’ve got Flagstaff, an enclave of liberal thought, and a really nice town. A few other regions of the state still adhere to moderation.

(Heck, I’m still mad at Arizona because a Phoenix traffic cop ticketed me for turning right on a red light. He’d spotted my California plates, and was following me like a buzzard following a limping mule-deer. Daw gone!)

Would it be legal for business owners, as long as they assert their homosexuality, to deny service to conservative christians?

Yeah, but who would their customers be, then?

I liked a photo I saw on Facebook: A bunch of black guys sitting at a lunch counter, with the caption: “Dear Arizona: We’ve already had this discussion. You don’t get to decide who sits at the counter.”

MLK Day, Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, SB 1070…and you’re only now ashamed?

All the best,

andros, by the grace of Mighty Juju born one state to your right

BTW:the main thread on this matter.

This being the Pit Thread: Egads, what a clusterfuck have they wrought with this one, even the Super Bowl Committee is coughing loudly.

This picture comes close.

No. Religion is a federally protected class, while sexual orientation is not.

That’s really why this law is stupid, is that it doesn’t let Arizonans do what they couldn’t do before.

Sure puts the lie to the old saw: “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” which I still hear conservative Christians bandying about.

According to AZ it’s now “Hate the sin, hate the sinner as well.”

Maybe Jan will do something right for once in her miserable life…

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is good enough for me. If she does it only to kowtow to big business and the god of mammon, I’m all for it.

That’s true in a lot of the state, but Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff all ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment and public accommodations.

No kidding. The OP’s home state is filled and run by some of the most reactionary assholes in the entire country. It’s not a new development.

It sounds like she’s going to veto the bill because of the terrible publicity. It’s so bad that some of the legislators who supported the bill are begging her to kill it. McCain and Flake both spoke up against the bill - and so did Mitt Romney, but I haven’t heard anything from the current crop of Republican presidential candidates.

I don’t believe their claims of ignorance of the purpose of bill at all (Pierce was on some show the other day claiming he had no idea that it could even be interpreted as anti-gay even a little bit; BS), but it’s good to see that even the Arizona GOP is feeling the heat.

I really like seeing big businesses step up. American Airlines CEO says it’s causing great concern to their employees, especially those who live in-state. Intel says it directly conflicts with their own non-discrimination policies.
Apple, AT&T, Marriott, Delta Airlines and many others all are urging Gov. Brewer to veto the bill. It says a lot to me about the state of the country that heavy hitters such as these immediately speak up on the side of diversity.
Oh, right - BBQ Pit. AZ GOP poopyheads!

In the words of Thomas Seibert:

Arizona, the torch of knowledge sputters in your hands.

Is Brewer enjoying keeping everyone in suspense?

She’s stalling so more conservatives, republicans, and businesses can be on record as opposing this, so that way, when she eventually vetoes it, she can cite overwhelming backlash as her reason, and deny that she’s a sekrit librul.

Remember, Republicans can’t do the right thing unless they shift the blame onto someone else. Like when they had to pass the debt ceiling, they had to limit the number of Republican votes to the bare minimum, so they can blame the Democrats for the country continuing to operate. Real conservatives want none of that kind of crap going on.

You know, I don’t recall the Republicans being this worthless and representing only the nuttiest fringe back in the Elder Bush / Clinton years.

All the sane Republicans retired or became Democrats, apparently.

They’ve all been primaried by the Tea Partiers.