What the hell does this bumper sticker mean?

I saw this bumper sticker while on the way to work this morning:

“10% is more than enough”.

WTF? Is this something about taxes? Is it some chickenshit sidemouthed racist thing? Is it about paperclips? Some sort of shirt?

This is driving me nuts.

A guess: Homosexual activists have made the claim that 10% of the population is gay. Perhaps it’s anti-gay rhetoric.

If you remember, were there other bumper stickers on the car? That could help illuminate the issue.


Hmm, Haj…I thought that was possibly the case, but in reference to to blacks, not homosexuals. That sounds plausible.

No other stickers on the car, I too was looking for some context.

Isn’t the church tithe traditionally 10%? Though I really don’t see how someone compelled to pay it would complain. Either it’s ordained from God and you cough up the cash, or it’s unfair and you don’t.

Maybe it’s just someone who doesn’t tip well.

When I saw the thread title, I thought you’d seen my brother’s car. He’s got a custom window sticker that says something like “tablecheesephonedeskmonkey”. I don’t know. I’m going to drive down to meet him today, maybe I’ll write it down.

How the fallacy that we only use 10% of our brains?

There is an old country music song along the lines of “If 10%'s enough for Jesus, it oughta be enough for Uncle Sam.” That’s what I would have thought of if I had seen the sticker.

mouthbreather, it’s a blatant sneer at me and my fellow lefthanders. Just because we don’t fall into the lockstep of conformity and write/throw/catch/shoot with our right hands like 90% of the world, this bigot has to metaphorically flip us off.

Did you notice which side of the road he was driving on? Yeah, I thought so.

Maybe it’s a reference to Sturgeon’s Law :

90% of everything is crap.

It’s an anti-gay sticker based on the (too high) statistic that 10% of the population is queer.

More specifically, it’s a direct answer to the (not to be taken seriously) chant “Ten percent is not enough! Recruit recruit recruit!”

And here I was thinking it was someone who was trying to reduce the amount one was expected to tip when at a restaurant… silly me

My original thought was along the lines of Jess’, there is a large contracting company here that supports conservative causes[sup]1[/sup] that has a sticker plastered on all its vehicles:
“If 10% is enough for God, its enough for taxes”
or something like that.

[sup]1[/sup] Ironically, it is the W.W.Gay Co.
One of their retired execs has been waging a campaign to try to get dictionaries to not include “homosexual” under the definition of “gay” - of course the CEO (William Gay) claims to have no part of this.

Perhaps it’s a sticker designed to make us think about things which make up 10% of whatever field of life they occupy, but which we don’t need that much of. i.e. when you see the sticker, you fill in your own pet peeve about things we have/pay/are to excess, and it’s the bumper sticker for you!

Perhaps it’s part of a range that include such titles as:

“Don’t you just hate them?”

“I can’t wait till there’s less of it”

“Stop doing that, you arsehole”

Maybe it means nothing at all but is made just to drive people nuts wondering what it means;)