What the hell is this fruit?

At least I think it’s a fruit. Someone found it under some (very large) trees in Illinois. So he said there were all different sizes, the one he brought me is about the size of a very large grapefruit. The outside has a bumpy texture and has the pattern of a brain (sort of) but much smaller and the skin is a bright green. the inside seems to have three layers. The center to about the halfway point is about the color and feel of a hard potato, then there’s a layer of seeds, then from the seeds to the skin it’s sort of a startburst pattern and it’s neon green/yellow. Each of the bumps on the outside seems to corrospond to one of the lines in the starburst. Does this help at all?? I’ll see if i can get some pics uploaded.

Osage Orange. Also known as the hedge-apple.

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Well I’m gonna show you my pictures anyways since I already uploaded them

The reason it’s in a plastic bag is because the outside was very sticky and after we cut it it seemed to be dripping a milk like substance. Also it seems to smell ‘fresh’ almost like a cucumber. Strange.

Yep, it is a hedgeapple. Saw these frequently when I lived in Indiana. They make a hell of a mess on the ground around the tree, attract bees and insects like an open keg of beer, and to my knowledge have no value to humans. Thanks for the Hoosier memory.

how the **** do you make an archery bow out of a 4-6" fruit ?!

That link above seems to be playing with facts. This one goes into a bit more depth.

The local grocery store care them in the late summer, to keep bugs out of your closets.
They always have a warning not to eat them.