What the hell is with baby clothes?

Ok, I have a 3 month old son and we have tons of clothes for him. They’re all cute. But it seems that the cuter they are the harder they are to put on him. Who designs these things? Have they ever tried to put them on a kicking child in the dark on 2 hours of sleep? I don’t think so. They are all snaps and zippers and flaps that sometimes I don’t finish dressing him before I put him back in his crib. It just frustrates both of us. I’m sure my wife feels the same way.

I agree, see if you can find sleeping bag type pajamas. They’re usually fleece with one zipper and no legs to struggle with. They also make light cotton knit ones with a drawstring at the bottom. I think they’re usually in the hanging up, packaged baby clothes area. Very easy to deal with when you’re half asleep.

You’re a guy; hie ye down to Home Depot and stock up on adhesive-backed velcro strips. :smiley:

Not only are they all snappy and flappy, but there’s no standard number of snaps—one outfit has 6 leg snaps, a similar outfit may have 10, and a third outfit may have 8. A small detail, but still annoying at times.
I agree with the nightgown or sleeping bad suggestion. And when he’s older, you can show pictures of him wearing a “dress” and horrify him.

I agree. The worst is Carter’s. Not only do they have a zillion snaps, they’re the kind where you also have to double the fabric under to snap them. Fuck you, Carter’s!

Also, what’s up with sizing? Newborn size fits noone but preemies. (nothing against preemies; I was one). Sizes in general are one or two sizes too small for the suggested age. Is this to make parents feel better; that they can say “ooh, my baby’s so big, he’s wearing 4’s already”. oh, and don’t gert me started about pyjamas with feet? They’re made for alien babies with sawed-off feet and legs.

Points to you for dressing the little bugger at all! A friend remarked that she returned from an evening out to find her child wrapped in blankets b/c her husband “didn’t know where the pajamas were.”

(oops, don’t tell Mrs.Gun I gave you any ideas)

Yep, I also second the “baby in a bag” type sleepers. Instant diaper access, easy closing and keeps the little tyke warm without blankets in the crib.

An Arky, it is to laugh! I got a baby gift of some onesies and assorted baby clothes yesterday, and the (shortsleeved, no legs) onesies will literally hold my micropremie inside the body with no arms, legs or head sticking out the appropriate holes! I can’t believe how huge these things look to me now. :smiley:

I don’t see anything wrong with this as long as you don’t mind changing / washing him. Wouldn’t the baby be more comfortable naked? Understand I know very little about child care before the age of 2.

Things get much easier when the bugger can sit up.

(Should I tell him how toddlers are natural born nudists, and getting dressed just offends their sense of fashion?)

Don’t know why eveyone is complaining…

I loved dressing my little ones when they were babies. Yes, there were snaps or buttons or zippers. Yes, middle of the night changes were a challenge sometimes. But the kids looked so happy and cozy in a freshly washed set of pj’s or outfit. They instantly smelled good and were almost always happier and calmer after being freshly changed. It always made me want to hold and rock them for a few minutes longer before putting them back down.

<sigh> I miss those days… they’re all knees and elbows and hard heads now. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is amazing how incredibly HUGE newborn clothes look when you have a micropreemie! Socks are the worst–they go all the way up to the crotch and will not stay. Don’t even try to find hats.

The best advice I got with respect to baby clothes is to double their age in months and use that. So, if you’ve got a three-month-old, six-month-size clothes should do it. Of course, if you’re my son, all bets are off, because he’s tall and skinny. By the time he grows into the waist of a pair of pants, they’re too short in the legs. They need toddler “tall” sizes.


Flaps, snaps, feet, blankets, it’s all a piece of cake. I’m on the third kid now, and I can dress the little one (5 months old) with my eyes closed.

The problem is with his brother and sister, who are 28 month old twins. Dressing them is easy, but only if they want to be dressed. And catching them can be hard at times.

Am I the only one finding it awfully amusing that a doper with the name of Mr. LoveGun is complaining about dressing a bambino?

My kids lived in either sweats, zippered feet-less footie pajamas or were nude. the only time they got dressed up was for holidays and preening for the family.

It makes it much easier in those barf and drool stages on the wardrobe.

Now, my five year old, Princess Crocodile Tears, is a fashionista of the highest order and dresses herself ( except those dreaded tights) and my son could care less what he wears.

Yes! Fang is in the 95% for height at 20 months, but in the 20% for weight. Overalls are about all I can get him into, and even those look baggy on him.

I have a theory that the baby clothes makers deliberately misrepresent the sizes of their stuff so parents will get all giddy at how big their kids are. “See! Junior’s already wearing six-month-old clothes, and he’s only two months!”

Regarding the OP: Why oh why don’t manufacturers use different sized snaps for the legs versus the chest? Whenever I get to the crotch region, I’m bamboozled trying to figure out how on earth to match up the snaps correctly.

I have to say the best advice I got is not to buy any until just before you need them (and at a good quality consignment shop).

ValleyGirl just turned one and is still wearing 6-9 months clothes (even some 3-6 months). She’s a <5th percentiler. Needless to say, all our friends followed Robin’s advice, and far too many outfits went unworn because they were 6 months out of season. For her first birthday, I got outfits up to 24 months, even though I *told * people what size she wears.

Iamnotaparent, but when I suggested this to a friend she said that babies need clothes because they have very little mass to hold the heat and get cold very quickly. She may have been blowing smoke up my skirts for all I know, but small babies don’t look like they have much thermal integrity so maybe she’s right.

Naked time is good (including no diaper, helps with preventing diaper rash), but not for too long. Of course this goes out the window when they learn to take off their clothes :wink: The general rule of thumb is one layer more than what the adult is wearing. They do get colder quicker than we do, but some people go the opposite way and bundle them up so much they overheat.

I don’t bother shopping for clothes by size, I grab by what looks like it will fit my son. The only time I look at the size is when someone asks what size he wears. He also grows into the waist just as he grows out of the legs, so I try to keep him in coveralls. A too large waist doesn’t matter as much in them. Besides, they look good on him and he has a little more trouble getting them off.

My toddler certainly falls in that category. Her favored at home outfit is a diaper and nothing else. It weirds me out but then again her father’s the same way. From October to April I rarely have on less than four layers even indoors. He marches around the house in his underwear and only puts on a hat if there’s a blizzard outside.