What the hell is zamzam water?

On my travels round Birmingham,Eng.I saw a new store opening.Amongst its other grocery offers was a big sign saying 'WE NOW SELL ZAM-ZAM WATER!"
What on earth is it?

Apparently some kind of holy water with allegend miraculous proprties.

That’s one of the transliterations used for the name of the Holy Well in the Muslim sacred city of Mecca. One of the things done by devout Muslims on the Sacred Pilgrimage (hajj) is to drink from the well. ZamZam water therefore occupies a position even more renowned in the Muslim scale higher than Lourdes water for Catholics.

For more details, see any good introductory book on Islam. According to Sir Richard Burton, whose Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Mekkah and al-Medinah is almost essential reading if you’re interesed, the water is kind of salty. But it’s one of the things that made the city of Mecca possible in this piece of very dry desert.