What the Hell? Middleborough MA proposes $20 fine for swearing

Yeah, they need to learn those words they way I did: from my parents and grandparents. :smiley:


I swear around my kid all of the time. But I don’t do it at the grocery store! :smiley:

Also…I thought “vulgar” generally referred to things like, “Yeah, I’d hit them lady-bits!” or something?

Hell YES mother fucker! About damn time!

Yup… I live in O-fuckin-hio

How sad is it that I knew what that was before I clicked on the link. Oh, sure I can remember that stupid news article, but can’t seem to find my keys in the morning.

No fear. Justice prevailed.

And they need to keep off of your lawn.

Please, use appropriate language…

What fucking asshole decides what the fuck is or what the fuck isn’t vulgar fucking language?
See, that was’t hard, was it? :smiley:

Just someone wantin’ to make a name for himself

That police chief sounds like a really big CONTrol freak. Maybe the residents should consider a trip to the Hoover DAM to get away from it all, and eat some SHIITake mushrooms while they’re there. By the way, I have a nice COCKer spaniel for sale, if anyone’s interested. Do you know what they call the biggest PUSSYcat on the block? The alPHA Cat! And what do alPHA Cats like to eat? A TITmouse! And when you play the piano really softly, it’s called PIANISSimo.

Just some ideas for the civilly disobedient Middleburgesses out there! :wink:

I’m surprised they couldn’t invoke the obscenity exception. If it can exist for printed material, why not speech?

Because the use of bad words by itself isn’t obscene.

MacTech add NannyGinia to your list. You’ve only got 43 left.

As a regular foul-mouth in private, I for one would welcome the return to civility in public discourse. I’m tired of hearing sub-teens yelling “f–k this” and “f–k that” everywhere I go, not to mention older people who should know better and theoretically give a hoot.

Tough. My right to say what I like short of slander or incitement to violence supersedes your desire to have your delicate sensibilities defended by local government. No one has the right to never be offended.

Don’t you live in New Hampshire? Until it was overturned in 1942, state law in New Hampshire said, “No person shall address any offensive, derisive or annoying word to any other person who is lawfully in any street or public place, nor call him by any offensive or derisive name, nor make any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with intent to deride, offend or annoy him, or to prevent him from pursuing his lawful business or occupation.”

If you’re deciding state residency based on the presence of over-reaching state laws, I think that you’re going to have a hard time finding one that’s never passed such laws.

You probably wouldn’t have wanted to be around my grandmother, then.

Nope, I live in the free fucking state of fucking Maine!

Ah, yes, the ever-present “you should know better” argument, wherein one skirts the burden of proof by immediately seizing moral high ground.

And they’re probably tired of smelly old people telling them what they can and can’t say in public. These old people today, man I tell ya, it’s like they have no concept of the right to be a dick.


Twenty plus years in law enforcement and 6 years in the military and I’ve heard it all (and probably said it all myself). I just don’t appreciate it in public, where there are polite people and especially children around. There is a time and place for it but not in general public IMO.

As if the current generation of young people invented youthful rebellion. It is tiresome to endure, no matter which generation is going through that phase.