What the Hell? Middleborough MA proposes $20 fine for swearing

Saw this in today’s Wall St. Journal, but it’s elsewhere, too:


I support the shit out of this fuckin’ law.

. . .and thus, the Tourrettes Defense was born.

I’m no lawyer but I’m going to guess there may be some freedom of speech issues with this proposed law.

Who the fuck decides what is or isn’t vulgar language?

If I had the money, I’d go there, and just start screaming obscenities. And just keep dropping twenty-dollar bills into the jar. Fuck yeah.

George Carlin.

I he didn’t say shit, you must acquit!

Allegedly it’s illegal to swear in Virginia, but if so, it’s very selectively enforced.

Yeah, I figured it was just a VBeach thing, and couldn’t believe there were actually signs up when I lived there. :eek:


"John Spartan, you are fined five credits for repeated violations of the verbal morality statute. "

Sure they’ll start out banning cursing in public, but before you know it you won’t even be able to curse at your toilet in the privacy of your own hom.

About fucking time.

…And people wonder why I call it Nannychusets …
…almost as bad as Nanny York, Nannyetticut, Nanny Jersey, Nannynois, and Nannyfornia…

…All states I would never live in.

You know it when you hear it.

No people don’t wonder why.

Last month Concord MA decided to ban the sale of all ‘single size servings of bottled water’

I just wince every time I hear the results of a town meeting. Yeah we get a reputation for a reason.

Still I’d much rather live in MA then any other state.

I’d love to see someone so fined challenge this in court with a simple “Fucking first amendment, bitches.” Granted, the judge probably won’t like that.

Michigan had a similar law, and it was struck down about ten years ago. One difference is that the Michigan law was enacted late in the nineteenth century.

The law seems really silly at first, but I get extremely tired of teenagers dropping f-bombs and swearing loudly or being lewd when I’m at the grocery store or whatever. It’s like, dude, there are kids here.

Completely fucking unconstitutional, fortunately. I’m sure they are aware of that.