What the HELL was that on SVU tonight?

I mean, come on!! You can’t do that to us! I demand a verdict! Closure, man, closure!

Go to NBC.com to vote? Fine…hey, I can’t get on to NBC.com, neither can what few friends I have who I talked about this to! Damn you!

It keeps timing out when I try and vote.

I must say, I’m dissapointed how they’ve framed the poll. They have “Guilty,” “Innocent,” and “Need more evidence.”

I’d be more interested in a “Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” “Probably guilty, but not beyond a reasonable doubt,” “Probably innocent” and “Certainly innocent” type poll.

In the first poll, I’d vote “Innocent,” in the second “Probably guilty, but not beyond a reasonable doubt.”

I can 't even find where to voteon the site! I go to the SVU section of the NBC site, but I see noe “vote here” link or anything.

Also, who was that woman who played the (alleged) victim? She’s HOT! And we got to see her ass (although it was probably an ass double…but a man can dream.) Where have I seen her before?

Her name is Shannon Sossamon. You can find info about her here.

correction - Shannyn Sossamon

[hijack]The very same ex-DJ that named her son Audio Science. There are not enough :rolleyes: in the world.[/hijack]

Ahhh…I saw her in Knight’s Tale, that’s what it was. Odd, she didn’t look as hot in that movie.

And Audio Science? Well, we already know that brains and beauty don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Pray the boy never gets monogramed shirts.

If people want to try voting now (it was probably glutted earlier), I was able to do it with no problems.

Although it’ll take quite a bit to change the result. It’s currently:

Guilty - 18%
Innocent - 64%
Need more evidence - 18%

I fully expected them to find trace vaginal fluid on the paper the professor was using to take his notes, thereby proving they went over her drawings post-coitus.

Of course, her accusation of Stabler pretty much proves her a bit of a wack-job, at least to the viewing audience.

I just watched this episode now (Thursday night). Hadn’t heard anything about internet voting before hand. I knew they’d done the L&O CI episode like that, but this was a surprise.

And it blows. I hate this crap. If I wanted an interactive entertainment experience, I’d play a video game or buy a lapdance.

So I logged onto NBC.com and searched in vain for a “stop pulling this lame-o crap” voting option, but no such luck.

As for the verdict, guilty or not they didn’t prove the case. Should be a reasonable doubt thing, IMHO.