What the hell?

I was checking my email on Neopets.com, and recieved this in my inbox, is this just a spinoff of the Nigeria Scam? This is weird…



No, I’m sure it’s on the up and up. You better jump right on it.

Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that.

I assume that anything coming out of Africa is a scam until it’s proven otherwise.

That that e-mail surprises you surprises me.

Yeah I gotta go with Lobsang. I get a variation on the Nigerian thing every other day at least. There are a zillion versions of it, each special in their own way.

Yeah, why would a West African be using a Yahoo UK email address?

And I didn’t think people could email you on your neopets account except froma nother neopets account.

Thank you Arden Ranger, that would have been my point. Apparantly none of you is familiar with neopets, it’s a private kid-oriented type website that’s similar to Pokemon in a way. It surprised me because I always get emails about pets and items and neopoints, this is just way too serious for the setting.
The fact that it exists doesn’t surprise me, it’s just where I recieved it that was awkward.

Having seen a few “Nigerian scam e-mails,” I have to say that version includes a charming salutation: “Dear one.” Finally, an easier way to say “Dear Sir or Madam”! Even if it does sound like something you’d hear on a bad episode of Star Trek.

If not the content, the poor usage and grammar stuck out to me.

In most science fiction involving artificial intelligences evolving to wage war on humanity, the AIs always seem to come from military backgrounds.

I don’t buy that for a second. The future AI threat will evolve out of the current toxic all-pervasive primordial soup of spam. I think it’s going to begin in a few years, when the public’s finally so pissed off about it that national legislation of a sweeping nature is pending–and the news story that break that no spam can be traced back to a human source any longer.

We are through the looking glass, people.