What The Hell's The Deal With This Puffy Ami Yumi Video I just Watched?

Okay, I’d never heard of them until the Cartoon Network cartoon, which only features them at the beginning and the end of the show (I realized right away that it was Grey Delise doing the voice of one of them in the cartoon, since she’s just doing a slightly different version of the voice she does for Mandy on The Grim Adventures of Mandy and Billy.), and out of curiousity, I downloaded one of their music videos. Admittedly, the music’s not my style (though now I’ve got the damn song stuck in my head, whatever it’s called), they’re pretty, and they do have nice voices, but for the life of me, I can’t grok WTF could be the point of having them singing in the forest and then feeding a Jimi Hendrix lookalike what appears to be a “magic” mushroom. Anybody got an explaination?

I have seen very few Japanese music videos that actually made sense. Come to think of it, most music videos don’t make a lot of sense.

Tucker, any cnahce of a linky to that Music Vid?

My first experience with Puffy (or is it Amiyumi? Their first album is ‘Puffy AmiYumi’, and they are, Ami and Yumi, and… I’m confused) was in HMV in HongKong back in 1996 when they were cute young lasses singing plastic pop in a manufactured girl-group.

I’m very impressed that they’re still making music now that they’re older lasses, (heck, doesn’t one of them have a kid or two now?). And hey, even if it’s still manufactured plastic pop, it’s FUN plastic pop!

I figure, any singing duo that can get Guitar Wolf to do their rockin’ backin’ track is OK in my book! (GuitarWolf plays… guitar! on the Teen Titans theme song. That just rocks!).

And, no… to answer your question, I don’t think there is an explanation to a lot of music videos, whether they’re Japanese or American or Uzbeki.

It’s them whacky artists I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the ARTISTS!!!

that should read ‘chance’, ‘any CHANCE of a linky…’

stupid, stupid handses!

It’s just “Puffy”.

Although I think they often use AmiYumi in the US to distinguish themselves from Puff Diddly.

Earlier thread about them that died an early death:

To avoid confusion: They use PuffyAmiYumi to avoid confusion with Mr Combs, not just AmiYumi.

Anyway, you think that video’s weird (I’ve never seen it - I mostly have the albums, not vids - but your description is not that odd), you should be glad you haven’t seen the Wild Girls on Circuit (Circuit no Musume) - that’s one bloody weird video.

(BTW…I’m beginning to know what the people in the ‘Old Tolkien Fans’ thread feel like. For a long time noone knew Puffy…now I’m always late to the threads. Bah. I was here first ye damn whippersnappers!)

Yes, but this makes less sense than most of the ones I’ve seen. If it hadn’t been for Jimi, I wouldn’t have been bumfuzzled by the video, but with Jimi in it, I’m left going, “Bwhuh?”

I know what you mean, I’ve enjoyed their music for the longest time (I wouldn’t call myself a fan, since my album buying is sporadic. But still, my awareness is there). Similar issues with Nanase Aikawa.

Why aren’t there any threads about her? (goes off to contemplate content for a thread on Ms Aikawa).

Probably due to her not having a noticable carreer in the west.

Almost surprised there’s no Utada threads, but then she pretty much came and went, AFAICT.

And AMURO Namie, and the Pizzicato Five, and Shonen Knife. And L’Arc en Ciel. And Two-Mix.


We need a J-pop thread.

Dont forget Gackt, the Pillows, Tommy February, and Rip Slyme!

I cannot, for the life of me find Tommy February[sup]6[/sup]. The Brilliant Green, yes, plenty. Tommy Heavenly[sup]6[/sup], a little bit. But not a single Tommy February[sup]6[/sup] track.

It’s really ticking me off.

Don’t forget Melt Banana

Am I the only person who gets reminded of Pink Lady and Jeff whenever the ads for this show pop up?

HAYASHIBARA Megumi! Hooray! I was listening to Extrication when I read that, and it surprised me. :stuck_out_tongue:

We really could use a J-Pop thread.

I’d pay good money to forget about Rip Slyme.

On the other hand…

Shiina Ringo, Bird, Boom Boom Satellites, Sentimental Bus, Crazy Ken Band, Aiko, Spitz, a few songs by Bumb of Chicken, Mister Children, Wyolica, Asian Kung Fu Generation, The Yellow Monkey, …

Oh, yeah, and Merzbow, Kaguya Hime and Kiyoshi Hikawa also.

Oh, and Tommy February6 is now known as Tommy Heavenly6.

Not quite accurate.

Tommy February/Heavenly6 are two different side/solo projects of Tomoko Kawase, singer of The Brilliant Green, and she’s still actively recording as both, as far as I can tell (Tommy F has had several albums since she created Tommy H, and both had singles about the middle of last year, checking the Tommy F/Tommy H official site(s).). Technically, BuriGuri is still around as a unit, although it’s been a couple years since they released anything except for their solo projects.