What thing about people your own age and sex do you most consistently envy?

For me it’s the amount and distribution of head-hair that men around my own age, and older have compared to me.

My hair is very sparse on top and when it grows longish it’s natural tendency is towards an overal hairstyle that I hate… so I keep it short.

One day I will be brave and shave it all off, but what I’d like most is to have a full and thick head of hair.

Anyway, to be closer to the point if the OP it is the thing that I most often envy about other people when I am in public. I rarely envy a body type, or a dress sense, or anything else, but I do wish I had other people’s hair.
Not that it’s all I ever think about when in public! Most of the time I’m not envying people, by when I am - it’s hair.

I turned sixty this year. Gol-durnit, I am supposed to have a lovely head of white hair. I see many women my age (and quite a few younger ones) who have gone totally whiteheaded, and I love that look. I wanna be Emmylou Harris. Instead, I have exactly five white hairs, and the rest of my head is still auburn frizz. I guess I could bleach the bejabbers out of my hair and get that silver-helmeted goddess look, but I’d probably wreck the texture and shine. Come on, Father Time. Gimme those white hairs. I have certainly earned 'em.

The fact that they’re already settled into their careers, enjoying their money while they’re still young and gorgeous. Also, many of them get their education paid for. I’m 27, already going to pot, and by the time I’m in my career I’ll be in my early thirties with my glory days behind me and a mortgage’s worth of student loans. It’s my own fault, but I can still be envious, right?

Oh, crap, yes! I’ve shaved the sorry remains of what is left of mine completely off, but every time I let it grow back a little I notice that it does so a bit less enthusiastically, and with a bit less spunk and vigour. :frowning:

Other things I envy people my age: having real jobs and making real money. Still being a student when everybody else are having careers and raking in the bucks is starting to get pretty darn miserable. (ETA: What Queen Bruin said.)

That said, what I don’t envy people my age: Kids. Everybody seems to be squirting out the little snotbuckets left, right and centre these days. For my part, I’m saving up to get myself a vasectomy as a birthday present for my impending 29th.

If we’re extending it beyond the physical/appearance of strangers in the street to people we know, then I’ll add that I envy people who’ve started families.

But as I am often reminded by my brothers and parents I have effectively avoided the trap that they and many people fall into - that starting a family early limits your future prospects.

Grandchildren. Of course, the last thing I’d do is pressure, or even suggest to, my kids to reproduce just because of that. I’ve always told them that the best reason to have a child is because you want one, and that one of the worst is because someone else wants you to. Still, it would be nice.

Families. I’m not exactly envious of people with them, but I would like to have a family of my own. 4 kids - ‘2 for replacement, 1 for increase, and 1 for spare’ as the saying goes - seems about right.

I’ll second this one. I feel like most 27 year old guys have a much better idea of where they’re going in life and their career than I do. I’m not even sure I’ll be settled in my career by my early thirties, since I’ve yet to actually pick a career…! :frowning:

Since the questions mentions what I envy in my own sex, I’ll also say that I feel like most guys my age are in better shape than I am, and I’m pretty jealous of it (though of course not jealous enough to put in the gym time to fix the problem). It’s probably just an illusion, since I’m only mildly out of shape and statistically a lot of guys my age are in far worse shape, but still, it seems like every guy my age I know is in better shape than I’m in. Oh well.

Effortless social interacting. Some of them actually seem to like social interacting. I wish I did.

Discipline in their work. Effortless discipline.

A nice house, clean and decorated with taste. Actually, I’ve got a nice house, But that somehow doesn’t count, because *I *know everything that is wrong with it, even if others don’t notice. (That stink of cat pee in the garden, for instance)

Lobsang, I happen to think bald guys are hot. If you showed me two guys, side by side, same approximate physical attributes, but one with hair and one without, I would take the bald guy. Every. Single. Time. And they get added points if they have a very nice, neat beard. But still. Bald, yeah. Don’t know why that imprint.

A fine ass. There are many things I love about myself, but alas, my booty is not one of them.

I routinely joked that, “If I thought I had a good lookin’ head, I’d shave it”. Well, I have reached the age (52) where I no longer care. I didn’t quite shave it, but it is all about 1/8" long. It is much easier to maintain and it is more comfortable on warm days.

What do I envy? Money! I got a late start. My peers started early. They have a lot of financial flexibility and I’m playing catch up. I’m in ok shape, but if I knew then what I know now? I’d be retired by now.

Grandkids. I have one and he is the best lookin’ and smartest child on this planet. I’m not biased, of course. Sadly, his parents could not afford to live around here, so I bought them a house in Iowa. Now I have to fly all the way out there to corrupt my grandchild. It’s just a thing.

I third the career thing. I’ve worked my ass off at a number of jobs that never panned out, for whatever reason, and now I’m looking for another one. At 26, I know I’m not that old, but in comparison to the idea that new grads keep erupting into the market with their shiny, new degrees and getting better jobs with no experience than I can manage with three years of work under my belt, well, it’s frustrating.

The one part of adulthood that still eludes me is a working life with a modicum of stablity or permanence. The idea that people my age have had the same job (or CAREER, even) for at least a year straight…? :frowning:

I’ll echo the jobs/career things. Almost all the friends I graduated with from college either have well-paying jobs, or are earning PhD’s. I, on the other hand, dropped out of the master’s program I was in, and am waiting tables for a (measly) living hoping that not only I get into the new grad school I applied for, but get funding.

Even if that happens, I’ll be at least 26, if not 27, by the time I graduate, and then I’ll have to once again try to find a fucking job that I can get hired for. Maybe by the time I’m 28 I’ll have a career started that most of my friends had at 21.

At least I’ll have more student loans to make up for it… :frowning:

Social skills. I envy people who can talk to people about anything and be funny and outgoing around strangers. I simply cannot talk to people.

Here’s a bit for you “kids”. I identify kids as anyone under the age of about 35. Sorry if I offend. Take about $50US a month and plunk it into an investment account. Don’t touch it. Start thinking about how you might invest this in stocks, funds, CDs, and other such investment vehicles. Retire rich. Don’t wait as long as I did.

You have an extraordinary advantage … Time. Your asset value has time to grow whereas mine is limiting my current lifestyle to protect my future. It is certainly more difficult for me now that it would have been if I knew what I know now when I was your age.

People that are married. I’m a 49 yo woman, most folks in my age group and socio-economic group have SOs. I’ve been single for about a 100 years the last 4 years. :slight_smile:

I’m 63, and mostly I envy people my age who never smoked, or who quit while they still had some lung power. Which leads to envying those who exercised and stayed fit. I picked up branches in the yard today and my back is killing me.

I used to look at seniors who gave up their homes and yards and moved into apartments and wonder why they did that. Now I know.

It’s like the bumpersticker says: If I had known I was gonna live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.

Where are the other guys getting these huge goddam houses? They look like 5, 6, 7 thousand square feet, 3 and 4 car garages, pools, and every other damn thing. And always talking about their stocks. What the hell did I miss? Is it because I never took up golf?

Raises another hand for social skills. How is it that I’m so smart that genius would be two steps down, but it’s all the other guys who have smart, cute girlfriends?