What things that we are now afraid of worried about will our kids look back at and be amused?

Going along with this thread:

What things will our kids look back on think, “Why the hell were you so worried?”

Cloning. It’ll be the IVF of the future.

Global warming.


Nah, I doubt it. People have been terrified of immigration since the start of history. I doubt it’ll stop any time soon.

Gay marriage.

Gay marriage, without a doubt.

Moving away from physical money.

Already the case, here in Canada. It has very quickly become a total non-issue.

Same sex marriage probably.

2012, when it passes it’ll become just another in the long list of apocalypses than didn’t happen.

Race; because eventually people will be so genetically engineered, cyborged and interbred that the old categories will lose meaning, and there’ll be whole new groups to be prejudiced against.

SSM is going to pass in 2012? Do you mean on the national level?

*Gatitca *was a good movie, and I could see something like that hapening.

I will espouse the opposite viewpoint and say that I think they will wonder why we were so afraid of dollar coins jingling in our pockets.

Cancer. AIDS. etc.

Gay marriage. Genetic engineering. Cloning. Stem cell research. Peak Oil.


I believe he meant the Mayan calendar kerfuffle about the world ending in 2012 and punctuated it oddly.

You’ll get mugged for your jingling coins while I am happly using my biochipped debit card.

The “evils” of “government run” healthcare.

Nuclear power and GM foods

And you’ll be holding a stump while cyborg-troll-immigrants press your severed hand to an ATM. :smiley:

The google car is a good point. Automation in general is another. I think over the next thirty years the economy is going to retool around the idea of cheap, untiring, robotic labor.

Hopefully the next generation will look back in shame over how utterly stupid and anti-science a large chunk of the population is. Denying evolution, global warming and basic economics will be seen as a dementia that we get over.

Or more likely it’ll be just as shitty.


What can I hold the stump with if they have severed my hand? Didn’t think of that one, did you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Granddad, what was it like when people only had two arms?