What this country needs is another 9/11!

That’s what Stu Bykofsky thinks:

The basic reasoning, as far as I can figure out, is this. If those pernicious Muslim terrorist types don’t carry out big terrorist attacks in America, then we “forget who are enemy is”. Therefore, it follows logically that it’s good when they do carry out terrorist attacks, because that will remind us who are enemy is.

Why of course! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Does he believe that America needed “the first” 9/11?

It’s only the 29th of February that doesn’t happen every year.

Stu Byofsky is the Takota Sioux word for Ward Churchill.

“If it is to be, then let it be. It will take another attack on the homeland to quell the chattering of chipmunks and to restore America’s righteous rage and singular purpose to prevail.”

What a twat. I suppose foreign policy is a lot more straightforward when the population are ‘seeing red’ en masse. God forbid people might ‘chatter’ about world affairs and come to some reasonably rational conclusions…

Remember when the population was ‘seeing Red’?

I get into screaming matches with my right-wing BIL over this shit every time I visit my sister. Totally fucked up.

So, in other words, we need another terrorist attack so that fear will drive us to vote his preferred leaders into power again. That’s one of the most cynical, evil things I’ve ever heard.

I meant as in ‘bloodthirsty rage’ rather than McCarthy witch-hunts.

Well, sure. Aren’t all the sweaters made in China these days?

Er, wasn’t it our righteous rage and singular purpose that suckered us into an entirely useless conflict in Iraq?

A sickening irony, isn’t it, wanting your nation hurt in order to stoke the fires of nationalistic fervour.

What bothers me is that this guy is daring to speak what I suspect a fair number of neocons are thinking.

Just as long as it happens at Stu’s office or his house or both.

So killing innocent people over here, helps us kill (innocent) people over there? I am so confused.

That’s not exactly what he’s saying. He’s saying that another 9/11 would cause us to put aside partisan differences and bring us together as a country.

…together in embracing his favored position, yes.

If you lose the first one, the playground response of the loser is “Best two-out-of-three!”

This time I promise we won’t screw it up.

:rolleyes: You’re citing that as a good example, Stu?

It sure could! Well, the muslims would probably not be included in this huge country get together, though. Let’s see if there’s something else this country needs that will really bring us together.

How about a plague-- a really big one-- that’ll decimate our population. Or Yellowstone going super volcano and ripping the country literally in half. Or a presidential assasination, that’ll sure do it. I know I’d put aside my distaste for the current administration if some known or unknown enemy killed the president.

Yeah, those ideas sound just about as retarded as what Stu is exactly saying.

Hey, just about anything’s better than a recession.