What time of one's life is the most important?

The present one, of course… “The most important time is right now.”

And if I tend to forget that amid my Outlook appointment reminders, beeping BlackBerry and flurry of train schedules, I need only glance at my new watch.

They need to have a pessimist’s version of that watch that says “TOO LATE.”

If the watch said Tomorrow, I’d buy it. You can fix tomorrow what you did “now,” at least within reason.

I believe there was a Guess watch in the 1980’s with a similar design.

How much now is Now anyway? Are we talking about this week, this day, this hour, or this second? I can tell you from personal experience that the results are very different if you have any time at all between thinking and acting.

This isn’t about arts or entertainment, so off to MPSIMS,