What time should I leave for SEA?

The SO is leaving on her medical missionary trip this Friday. Her plane departs approximately 2330. It’s approximately 123 miles from the house to the airport. The first leg of the flight is domestic, so we’re thinking we should get to the airport an hour before the flight leaves.

Theoretically, it should take two hours to get from the Canadian border to halfway down the state. But Seattle traffic sucks. We left for a company Christmas party a couple of years ago, and it took over three hours to get to Southcenter. Fortunately, the flight is late, so I’m assuming (hoping!) there will be no traffic at all. I told the SO we should leave no later than 7 PM to be safe. She suggested we leave an hour earlier.

So here’s the plan: Leave the house at six. If we’re lucky, get to Sea-Tac two hours later. Find someplace to have dinner. Cool our jets a while, and get to the airport an hour before her flight.

Daijoubu desu ka?

And where’s a good place to eat in that area?

If the domestic leg and the international leg were booked on the same itinerary then she should follow the international check-in guidelines.

I don’t think you have to get there any earlier if you are changing planes for an international flight. You might have to show your passport but I’m not even certain about that.

The OP’s plan sounds good to me. I would much rather get there early and wait than frantically try to make it on time.
As for restaurants, I have no idea. When I’ve gone I hop onto light rail to go into the city.

“SEA?” I know Seattlites look down on Tacomans, but is it the practice to leave “Tac” off the name of the airport?

I read “SEA” as “South East Asia”, and thought the OP should specify which part of SEA.

“SEA” is the three letter code for that airport. Like “ORD” is for O’Hare, or “FLL” is for Ft. Lauderdale.

Are you saying it’s Tac-ky? :smiley:

Also read it as South East Asia. (From which I will return this very day!)

Colour me disappointed!

(I will be doing a little time traveling, reaching Toronto, 12 hrs, the same day, from my departure time. Of course 24hrs will actually be spent getting there, with flights and connections. I fell like Dr Who, a little!)

I am pretty consevative when it comes to air travel. I sprinted down too many a concourse in my 30s and have learned my lesson.

I leave home 2 hours from boarding time - and I have a 35 minute drive in clear traffic. Have yet to miss a flight, even when traffic messes with me.

The only restaurant I know there is 13 Coins - on Pacific Highway opposite the airport. The Hilton probably has something too.

I’d try to check bags curbside, then eat and return in time to get through the TSA lines and get to the gate.