What time zone do they use in space?

Do they go with GMT?

Eastern for Cape Kennedy or Central for Houston?

And if so, do the Russians use one of their many time zones?

If you’re talking about the time system used for managing the mission (communications, record keeping, etc.) I’m sure they use UT (GMT). You need to deal with tracking stations and other participants all over the world, and orbital calculations are always done using UT, so using any other system would be way too inconvenient.

However, I don’t think the sleeping/working schedule is done by UT - that is, they don’t necessarily get up at 07:00 UT. I think they keep the Florida time, but I’m not too sure - anybody?

The question has already been answered in this thread in Comments on Mailbag Answers.

Thanks. Thought it might have been covered, but I hadn’t found it before.

… and, of course, here’s the link to the original Mailbag Answer: What time do astronauts use in space?

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