What times the next bus?

Are there bus stops in Beverly Hills?

Google Beverly Hills buses, maybe? Took me aout two minutes to find a map of bus routes that go through the area. Granted, it doesn’t show the individual stops.

How else would the maids get there?

My maid has a chauffeur.

Yes. Try the MTA’s trip planner, or look at this pdf map of the part of LA that includes Beverly Hills to see the lines.

I know this is just anecdotal evidence, but I know for a fact that there is a bus stop on the corner of Olympic and Doheny, which is within the Beverly Hills city limits, as I just threw some trash in the garbage can next to the bus bench there the other day. I assume there must be others.

My chauffeur has a chauffeur.

If it’s like Portland, Oregon, if you are at the stop early, the bus will not show up.

If you are on time, the bus will have been early.

If you are a couple minutes late, it will have been on time or early.

These are invariable maxims, in my experience.

Of course there are bus stops in Beverly Hills. It’s completely surrounded by Los Angeles and many MTA lines go through it.

What a bunch of smartasses.

Jeffr062, the next bus is at 3:48.

I can’t help feeling that asking an internet message board when the next bus is due is a sure-fire recipe for missing the next bus. Unless they only have like three buses a day in Beverly Hills.

It’s dark and a lone man stands in the rain. After a short while, he cries out to the city in general
“Do the crosstown buses run all night?”

Far away, a small voice says
“Do-dah, Do-dah”
Sorry. I’ll leave now.

Apologize to Spider Robinson on your way out.