What to do about sudden appearance of houseflies in my kitchen?

Practical question, tonight I noticed there was one housefly annoying me in my kitchen, which normally is insect free. I figured it was a stray – a few hours later, I have at least 7-8, if not more, all buzzing around my kitchen. Never had houseflies before.

My window screens look good, although they may have holes that I didn’t see.

Why am I suddenly hit with these damn flies? And what to do about it – do I need an exterminator? Or just a swatter?

I don’t smell any dead animals.

Does the phrase “Amityville Horror” mean anything to you? :eek: :wink:

If you do have something somewhere that flies laid eggs in and this batch of flies is the result, get some fly strips (fly paper). No toxic chemicals involved, although they are not the most aesthetic thing to have hanging in your kitchen. But they’ll trap this batch of flies before they can lay eggs and make more.

I had what I think were fruit flies in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I did a websearch and found that they feed on decaying fruit and are particularly attracted to yeast. (In thinking about it, I think they hitched a ride on some of the peaches I’d bought around then.) Based on the instructions, I emptied the trash bag and swept carefully for any remnants. I then put out a small cup containing a cup of vinegar to attract the flies (with a couple of drops of dish detergent in the cup to reduce surface tension, so the flies couldn’t float). After a few days, there were several dozen dead flies in the cup and none flying around.

The advantage of this method is that I avoided any pesticides (or actually spending any money, since I already had vinegar in the house).

Had this happen myself years ago. Fly HQ turned out to be a bag of very old onions on an inconspicious shelf. Chucked that, bye bye flies.