What to do if a new router doesn't improve computer performance

I got a new router for my computer. The performance did not improve, if anything it’s worse. I also updated WiFi, and that is performing worse. (I use my smartphone, data overages will become a problem). Is my computer salvageable, or can I get a decent trade-in?

What are the symptoms?
What do you mean by you ‘also updated WiFi’? and it’s ‘performing worse’?

Are whatever symptoms you’re having also showing up on other devices or only your computer?

I hadn’t used my desktop lately, due to it running like molasses. By using general WiFi (saying “ask me later” when asked which account I wanted to use) I’ve beenusing my Droid. Until the guy let me onto the ccomplex’s WiFi, I had no issues, since this afternoon, my phone has been wonky, and my desktop still blows.

Log in to your router, find the wireless settings. There’s a setting that says “Channel” pick a different one. Doesn’t matter which one, any random one. See if that clears things up. If your computer starts randomly dropping the connection and latching on to the neighbor’s, that’s where I’d start.

The router has nothing to do with how your computer performs, just the LAN /internet connection. If your PC is slow in general, look to scanning for and removing malware, or adding RAM or doing a “nuke and pave” reinstallation of Windows. I’d start with Malwarebytes anti malware app and CCleaner.

If your computer’s processor is a “Core” model, it may be time to think of replacing it, but if it’s an i3 or i5, it should still has some good life in it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen stores offer anything for a trade-in. More likely, they’ll do you the favor of taking and recycling it for free.