What to do if you're getting Bilked by Reservations Rewards?

I learned recently that we were getting charged $10 a month by Reservations Rewards ever since making a purchase at staples.com back in August of last year.

What to do?

Well, from an article***** in yesterday’s NY Times yesterday, concerning this matter, I Googled on…


…and hit on a site with the company’s number: 800-732-7031.

So I called.

The gal there was very, very nice, and apologetic. I told her how I felt I was bilked and though she defended her company’s actions, she agreed to refund $40, i.e., $10 /month for 4 months.

“But you’ve been charging me $10/mo since August. That’s 9 months.”

“No. Your first month was free and you cancelled in March (actually I cancelled the card) for which we didn’t charge you, so it’s actually 6 months and we’ll pay you for that: $60”

I called my local Bank America, branch and they assured me the payment would be applied to my new card.

So that’s where it stands.
Okay, okay, I was an unalert meathead, for getting sucked in, but I still feel they scammed me (and maybe thousands of others). Nice, though that they will readily credit my account.

But I won’t forgive Staples for being a partner to this. I won’t shop there anymore - either at the store or the website.

So, if you’re getting emails from Reservation Rewards, check your credit card for possible monthly $10 charges. Then if you’re so inclined, cal the 800 number. They’ll even tell you where you made the purchase that started this business. In the article cited below, the author’s husband started the ball rolling with a purchase from Fandango.

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**Online Shopper, by Michelle Slatalla, **
Who Charged This? You, That’s Who.

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