What to do in Atlanta

My wife and I have a few days in Atlanta and no plans. I figure there must be some dopers who know the area, and, judging by the conversations I’ve read on here, there are definitely some that share our interests. Anything we should definitely do ( or avoid)? Also, as a middle-aged couple, where might we find a decent area with bars, restaurants and night-life we might enjoy?

I haven’t been in years, and I am sure someone will come along who’s more up to date than I am, but I’ll tell you what I (at least used to) know.

Awesome Italian restaurant http://www.scalinis.com/

Ray’s On the River was also a nice place to eat

Head over to Stone Mountain, and catch the laser show. The old Underground is kind of fun to see, as is the Coke Museum.

Buckhead is the bar/restaurant disctrict…Dante’s is/was fun.

We rode the MARTA there and were fine, but like any big city, be aware of your surroundings.

The aquarium in Atlanta is very nice and is also right next to the World of Coca-Cola. Both of them are across the street from the Centennial Olympic Park.

Was in Carollton, GA for a conference back in November, spent three days in Atlanta. LOVED it. Did the coke factory, CNN tour, and the Georgia aquarium.

Food? The highlight was the pulled pork and BBQ brisket I had at a placed called the DBA. Photo I took. Amazing, with a good selection of microbrews, as well.


I also saw the Margaret Mitchell house, and took in a Salvador Dali exhibit at the art gallery (which may not be there anymore). Everything but that BBQ joint was walking distance from my hotel. Had an amazing time. :slight_smile:

(if I was there in the summer, FYI…totally would take in a Braves game!)

If you are a fast-food connoisseur (oxymoron?), you should stop at the “V” (Varsity) for a dog, ring, a FO. The one on North Avenue. Right next to the Ga Tech campus.

It is an atmosphere that should not be missed. you will see people in $2000 suits and homeless people, sitting right next to each other.

I’ve never been there, but from what I see on the TV box, its a fine place to get murdered! :smiley:

I’d skip the Varsity, but I’m not a hot dog fan.

Head out east to Decatur for some excellent places: The Iberian Pigis excellent, as are the several pubs around the square (if you take Marta get off at the Decatur station, if you drive, come out Ponce de Leon Ave) and other restaurants around. I’d say this area draws more the middle aged than Buckhead does, but then, I don’t spend much time in Buckhead.

If you’re looking for breakfast, I recently had my first experience with the Flying Biscuit and enjoyed it a good bit - I was at the one near Piedmont Park.

Because I haven’t interacted with you much, what are you interested in? What type of food do you like? That will help with suggestions. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I forgot Manuel’s - the location of my first ever dopefest, years ago :slight_smile:
I should note that I’m a returnee to Atlanta, having been away since 2002, so I’m relearning the city (and living in a different area than I did before), so I’m sure there are others who know it better than I.

The Busy Bee Cafe is some of the best soul food in the world, without question.

Cyclorama is nice , it’s the story of the battle of Atlanta in the Civil War. It’s round painting that you rotate to see.

Down here, we just call that “food.” :smiley:

(Or maybe "home cookin’ ") And if you want to mingle with some locals while eating Southern food, also try Carver’s Country Kitchen.

I second the Decatur suggestion. The Virginia-Highland community also has a nice mix of bars, restaurants and shops. Little 5 Points is also fun if you like things a little more on the funky side. And if you’re in that area, drive down Euclid Avenue and take a gander at some of the old Victorian homes in Inman Park.

For barbecue, I will recommend Fox Bros.

For tourists spots, the Aquarium, Stone Mountain and the Cyclorama are good suggestions. (And if you are driving around Little 5 Points and Inman Park after seeing the Cyclorama, this is the area of town where the fighting depicted in the painting occurred.) Check out the Martin Luther King National Historic Site. And if Civil War history is your thing try the Atlanta History Center. Its museum covers all aspects of Atlanta history, but has a nice exhibit on the war.

Rather than hitting touristy stuff, you’d be better off if you checked out one of the many festivals that are taking place this time of year. Springtime in Atlanta is a good time.

Catch a blues band and some BBQ at Fat Matt’s.

Avoid the Underground, it will satisfy no conceivable urge.

Um, Atlanta has a dazzling variety of strip clubs, if that’s your thing… Cheetah Club for the greatest number of cute, naked co-eds in one place you’ll ever see. Clermont’s for a less pretty but more memorable experience.

Also, the state house/capitol building is more interesting than you’d think. The portraits of governors are kind of fun, as Georgia attracts over-the-top characters to that position. The first portrait is of the last royal governor, whose painting shows a definite nervous look on his face, like he’s about to get run out of town by a pitchfork-wielding mob. Lester Maddox, Jimmy Carter’s immediate predecessor and the last of the hard-line segregationists, looks gleeful in his portrait as he’s wrapping fish in the Atlanta Journal. I think there’s a stuffed two-headed calf on display there somewhere, too.

Funny you should ask-- I’m planning a trip to Atlanta next month myself! The main thing is 2 Braves games, but the Aquarium, zoo, and maybe Coke Museum and Museum of Natural History are on the list. I’d like to go to the art museum, but my travellin’ buddy isn’t too into art. A shame, really.

We might try Scalini’s and The Varsity while we’re there! I hope! It would beat ball park burgers and nachos.

Thanks, everyone, for theinput. Food was great at Fat Matt’s, and the band was so good, we hung out a couple hours. We did the CNN tour, and were underwhelmed by the Coca-Cola tour (though I think it’s geared toward kids, not someone interested in the development, production, bottling and marketing of it.). I wish I had read the earlier post before we walked through underground (nothing like the Chicago underground in the Dresden books). We found some decent Irish pubs in midtown, and some places in Buckhead. Overall, it was a nice trip. Thanks again.