What to do in Hungary

Going on holiday in Hungary next week – anyone have any extra-guidebook recommendations?

Avoid vampires and the goulash. :slight_smile:

It’s a big country marky33 - where you gonna be ?

Please don’t drink this. Sure the bottles look good but …it smells rough, the first mouthful tastes like burnt typres, then you get the after taste - which is actually not as bad as … the second aftertaste !

(PS the goulash is great and the Vampyres are next door in Roumania)

See if you can find the extremely wierd and cool Museum of Electrotechnology in Budapest. I can’t remeber where it is… near either the Elizabet or Chain bridge – I found it walking around. That is, if you have an interest in the history of electrotechnology, of course.

The art museum in Buda is kind of “whatever” but the funicular ride is fun and stops near there. I’ve heard the baths are neat in an old-timey slavic kind of way.

Also the Museum of Marzipan is worth a stop if you’re going to be in Szentendre anyway.

Drink lots of Ergi Bikaver (Bull’s Blood of Eger, a kind of red wine) and pear Palinka.

That may depend on what advice I get.

Aha !

Well Budapest has got to be a good place to start. I haven’t been there for a while but I’d thnink a couple of days there - where you will find people able to speak and menus in English before moving into the countryside which is much more, Eastern European frankly (& I say that with no disrepect)

Budapest - Hotel Astoria has great turn of the century ambience (not the most recent turn of the century you understand); the Gellert hotel has amazing hot baths; the Jewish memorial is touching; a bus ride from the city centre there is a sculpture park where they have gathered some of the communist era socailist/realist statues.

Other places which might be worth a look are
The UNESCO World Heritage site at Holloko, the huge monastery near Gyor

Sorry I haven’t anything more precise. Don’t be put off by the grubby ‘former times’ housing/factories you often find encircling the cities and towns - go straight to the historic central areas; you probably ought to hire a car to get out to the more atmospheric villages and monasteries.