What to do in the Alcase?

After a boring two weeks in Paris, I’m being sent to the Alcase for two weeks on an experimental drilling rig (don’t ask, I don’t know either).

So, I should get a few days free time there, so what’s the scoop on the French-German border region? Should I look out for the Maginot line or sample the local cuisine (at lest the part which doesn’t involve a surfeit of internal organs)?

You could learn to spell it, for one thing. It’s “Alsace”.

(Someone was going to do that, so why not me?)

You could go to Strasbourg and see the cathedral. It’s a famous example of late Gothic Rayonnant style architecture.

Have Tarte Flambé, regional speciality that is suspiciously similar to thin-crust pizza, but really good. Go to Strasbourg I agree, it’s lovely. Visit the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.