What to do in Vancouver, B.C.?

I’m 35 freakin’ miles from Vancouver, B.C. But do I ever go there? I keep meaning to…

I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Vancouver, but it seems every time it’s because someone wants/needs to go there. Virgin Records, shopping (with friends – I don’t ‘do’ shopping), lunch or dinner someplace, and frequently wind up at the Blarney Stone. I did go to Stanley Park, and we went across a suspension footbridge (not Capilano, but another one) and hiked a bit around that bridge.

I appreciate museums, but tend toward Science and such (especially aviation). Not really into making a trip to go see art. (Sorry.) So what’s a good plan for spending a day in Vancouver?

(Bonus question: What’s the name of that café that’s next door to a sex shop? ISTR it’s on the main drag going into town.)

Last time I was there, I had a great dinner at a Benihana-type restaurant, watched the performers on Robson Street, and happened to walk by the new (at the time) library, which is one of the prettiest buildings I’ve seen. Had a great time.

That was August of '96, though, so things may have changed a bit.

You might try the Aviation Musuem out in Langley and don’t forget Science World, that big ball thingy just by Main Station.

[li]Walk on seawalls[/li][li]Eat[/li][li]Walk on a seawall to another restaurant[/li][li]You get the picture now[/li][/ol]

The trick is, do this on a sunny day.

I was there in October, briefly. There’s a large aquarium in Vancouver, and there’s that mountain north of town that has some neat tourist stuff going on…

Vancouver is one of Mr. W’s and my favorite weekend getaways. There’s a lovely yarn shop called Three Bags Full, but I’m assuming that may not hold a tonne of appeal.

We adore the Vancouver aquarium - you could spend a whole day there easily. Another fun thing to do is catch the ferry over to the Island if you’re into boats - it’s a fun trip and Victoria is usually a bit sunnier than Van (assuming you wind up there on a rainy day). Stanley Park, as you mentioned is great. You can also wander down to Kitsilano and bum around. You can rent sea kayaks there, get a guide and paddle around the Pacific Ocean a bit which is fun - go for the 2 person model if you a) have a second person and b) are a newby - they’re very hard to tip (the single ones - not so much).

Personally, I think I would avoid the place for the next 10 days or so, unless you’re keen to get rush tickets for some event - apparently due to scheduling snafus and whatnot, there are some tickets becoming available.

I like aquariums. :slight_smile:

I like BC Ferries. I want to take my Arriflex and a tripod and get a shot or two. I had fun hanging out with friends in Victoria. The first day was storming like mad. The second was sunny and warm. I missed the giant bug museum. (We split up, and four of us hung out in Chinatown while the others went to find themselves some weed.)

I’ve also been to a couple.few petroglyph sites on Vancouver Island. Also, I’ve taken my kayak to Barkley Sound and had an eight-hour paddle between islands there. And I’ve been diving on the Saskatchewan wreck off of Nanaimo.

But I’m just thinking I should stick to the mainland for a day trip. It would be cool to slip up to see an Olympic event, but I think I’ll wait until things return to normal.

A slightly out-of-the-way neat thing (it’s just over the Burrard St bridge) is the first ship to circumnavigate North America, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “St. Roch.”

She’s permanently drydocked at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It’s a neat story, as the RCMP was tasked in 1944 with projecting Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, and did so with a floating police detachment (which spent 12 winters iced in over the years).

And it’s practically across the street from the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada regimental museum.

There’s a Marmite museum there? :eek:

Oh, wait… Let me go back and read that again.


I seem to recall some sort of sports event going on there recently…

Well Moose’s Down Under does serve vegemite sandwiches. When I was in Vancouver some years ago, I ate there several times (but not just for vegemite).

Here’s something cool to do in Vancouver on a nice day: Head across the Lion’s Gate Bridge to the North Shore and drive up to the second hairpin on Cypress Bowl Road. You’ll be treated to stupendous views of Downtown Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, The Georgia Strait, Vancouver Island, and right into Washington State. Hundreds of square miles.

Here are the coordinates if you are doing to whole Google Earth thing:

49°21’11.78"N 123°10’41.25"W

There is this.