What to do with a couple of days in Guinea?

I’ll be traveling to the Republic of Guinea on business on a few months time, and I’d love to see something of the place while I’m there. Most travel guides I’ve seen simply recommend to stay the hell away from any border areas.

Anybody have any experience of the place?

What a place to go!

I had a few friends who were Peace Corps volunteers out there. By all accounts it is a very sketchy place. From the descriptions, it seems like Conakry has a bit of a wild-west appeal to it. If you want to hang out in Russian-mafia bars full of Chinese prostitutes and Lebanese diamond smugglers, it might be your kind of place.

How is your French? I honestly wouldn’t try traveling alone in that area if your French is not great- you will certainly be stopped pretty often by police, questioned, and possibly asked for a bribe. Are you going to have someone familiar with the country and the culture to travel with? Are you ready to deal with police, dirt roads, the potential for road bandits, etc?

In my experience, West African travel is more about the journey than the destination. there are not many traditional tourist spots, but there are tons of charming villages, beautiful vistas and opportunities for adventure. Pretty much any place you choose will be interesting because of the people you meet more than the things you see.

Have a great time! I love West Africa and I hope you do, too!