What to do with a minor suggestion that might help prevent terrorism.

Well, as an armchair engineer, say I noticed a vulnerability in an important public facility. With a relatively easy fix, btw. Where should that be directed? Would that subject me to some kind of weird investigation, say “why was this guy thinking like that?” I just noticed something, that if I was in charge of securing the place, I would put on top of the list.

I hope this makes some sense.

Depends on what it is, and the size of the public facility. My first thought would be to the facility coordinator. My second thought would be your city councilperson. They mayor could be an option, also. It really depends on the size of the city, too (or, if it’s on a highway, the highway department regional head). There are too many variables to give an exact answer to this question, as stated, IMHO.

Well, as a facility, it is one of the biggest. I am not thinking about it for no reason. It is something I noticed soon after 9/11. Something anyone walking through the place would notice if they knew what to look for. For all I know, they may have fixed it already. I didn’t even look the last time I was there. It is the recent threats that have me worried again.

The NYC subway system runs a perpetual message urging us to report suspicious activities to authorities (I wish they’d STFU already, in fact–if I had something to report I would have done it the first few thousand times I heard the recording) so I can’t imagine you’d be the first to report something of the sort.

Write Homeland Security a letter. If you’re nervous, an *unsigned *letter.

Remember to add your return address to the envelope. Fun things will happen! WHEE! :smiley:

My brother did something similar. Never heard a word back from anyone associated with the facility or from anyone investigating his interest.

I’d say to contact whoever it would be who would have to implement the change: Probably either the local police department, or the management of the facility, depending on what it is.

By far the most effective way to fix the hole is to use it yourself. It’ll be fixed before you’re on the plane to cuba.

ISTR reading a thread on almost exactly the same thing, but involving (IIRC) airline security.
I’m sure someone with more energy than I will dig it up for us… :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that the one where the person freaked every time when pressed for more details about what the problem was? I remember it.

That would be the one. :smiley: