What to do with a tree-stump? landscaping ideas needed.

I’m looking for ideas of what to do with a 25 foot tall tree trunk, 30" in diameter.

Due to a short but fierce storm that whipped through this morning, I now have a shattered oak tree in my backyard. It broke off about 25’ in the air. The trunk upto that point has no branchs, is about 30" in diameter and is very straight. There is about 8’ between it and any other trees. I’m desperately trying to come up with things to do with this felled giant, while avoiding thinking of the great big gap it will leave in my backyard.
So, ideas?
No, I’m having a 25’ tall bear carved out of it.
But it could make a cool carving of some kind.
Or maybe make a fountain out of it some how?

Why don’t you want it removed and then plant a new tree in its place?

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a totem pole, bearing the likenesses of family/loved ones!

My grandfather knew what to do - dynamite.

Some of my more memorable childood memories involve blowing stumps. :wink:

Though maybe not suitable for an urban environment …

While that sounds like a fine way to spend a Saturday, I’m guessing my neighbors would object.

Runs With Scissors, most likely, we will plant a new tree near this one, but it wouldn’t work very well to plant in the exact same spot. Even if we cut down and ground out the stump, there are going to be way to many roots from the old oak tree to plant in the same hole.

Totem pole, huh?

The only issue with the totem pole is that the roots will eventually rot and it will fall over. Potentially damaging something. Or worse, someone.

This last weekend I helped my brother pull over the remains of a walnut that had suffered pretty much the same fate. I pointed out to him that the trunk was leaning noticably towards his house. We threw a tow strap around it about 10 feet off the ground and easily pulled it over with the tractor at idle speed.

Found out later that he’d left the parking brake on the tractor as well… :smiley:

The trunk had been standing about 7 years.

Our homeowners’ insurance assessor mightily encouraged us to remove a similarly large stump on our property. We were welcome to keep it, but he’d have to raise our rate. They don’t like covering large dead trees in populated areas. YMMV.

While dynamite might not be suitable, detacord (aka detcord or Primacord) would be a more practical solution. :cool:

You didn’t say what type of oak, but decay time is affected by species as well as ambient soil conditions.
If there is room to maneuver a tractor or pulling force tied to the upper portion of the trunk the rootball will be pulled loose as Projammer said. Not an operation for the unthoughtful in an urban area. Could leave a large crater.
Or, the stump could be bored and composted in situ for a year with a new tree planted which will easily follow the decaying roots.
It sounds like a nice saw log apart from possible metal embedment.
If you leave it standing to make a treehouse etc., peel off the bark which if if not now harbouring destructive insects,will shortly. That’s a good way to attract woodpeckers and the like, though.

Look around for a small timber operation to sell the tree to. There is likely a lot of good oak in there. Good oak is expensive.

Yeah - didn’t a poster (xacres and a truck?) post about furniture he made from trees he harvested from his property? Would be a neat way to “remember” the tree.

Grow a vine type plant up it…clematis, honeysuckle…

Turn it into the centerpiece of a patio/porch area. Use it as a light post/ bird feeder support type thing. One side of a pergola…

The lumber idea is a good one, imo. If you don’t want to sell the wood, you can have it made/make it into some item of furniture. One of my friends had his kitchen cabinets built from a tree that was cut from his property.

This tree is dead. so in a few years down the road, the roots will have weakened and it’ll be dangerous. Don’t wait for the wood to rot. Face it, the tree is gone.

The guy across the street did this http://www.flickr.com/photos/karlen/2443932211/ with a piece of a tree he took down.

I don’t recommend it. We call it Scary Coyote (but I’m told it’s supposed to be a white tiger). It stares at me all day.

Wait - is this a perfectly live tree sans a top? The trunk is still there up to 8’ off the ground? If so, why not trim it up but leave some parts rough and let it regrow…it’s a tree. It’s not dead so don’t kill it, if you really don’t want to harm it just trim it and let it go. It’ll take years…but it will soon look like an oak with a crew cut…

p.s If you must cut it down make a boat out of it. A Kayak from green wood would last a lifetime. The best ones are made from green wood. Heck! I’d make a kayak out of it for you, just for the pure experience of it.

Oh jeez - I’d turn that around on him immediately. :eek:

I’d carve it into a chair and then plant another tree near it. In 10 years, you’ll have a perfect shady spot to sit and read!

Actually, if you take it down right, you could cut several lengths long enough to be stand alone chairs, and leave the bottom few feet in the ground for a gaming table. There’s a patio set for ya! (In the firespinning community, we call that “burniture”, and it has an unfortunate tendency to get tossed into the firepit at 3 AM.)

If you do carve it into something, do seal it afterwards. We had a statue chainsaw carved in a tree trunk and after about 15 years, it was in rather sad shape. We cut it off at the roots (which were still plenty strong) and had it sent to a furniture restorer for patching, filling, sanding and painting.

“Burniture” nice. That would be a great screen name.