What to do with all this Splenda?

I have about two cups or so of Splenda (the baking kind that measures like sugar) in my pantry. I want to use it before I move because I don’t want to take anything unecessary with me, but I don’t want to throw it away either.

I’m using this surplus of Splenda as an excuse to bake something decedant (as decedant as you can get without real sugar). Anybody have good, yummy recipes using Splenda? I’m not really interested in counting calories, Splenda just happends to be the available medium. I don’t want to pick something at random, because I’ve never baked with Splenda and don’t want to make something that will only work well with real sugar.

The Splenda website has a page of recipes. I’m betting those are well tested to work with Splenda.

In March 2001 Consumer Reports tested a cake recipe from the Splenda box and a standard cookie recipe. Both had inferior texture and taste. They say, “Bottom line: As a sweetener for iced tea, Splenda is close to sugar. But we can’t recommend Splenda for baking.”

What to do with all this Splenda?
Put it in the grass? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mail it to me. I use the stuff like crazy, but then, I’ve been pulling a lot of all-nighters lately. I haven’t baked with it, though.


In all seriousness, I think you can cut Spenda with sugar to about a half-and-half mixture; in fact, there is a product on the shelves that is just that.


Splenda. Although it’s expensive enough that it could be a Freudian slip.


I’d do the half-and-half thing with real sugar and bake a huge batch of cookies. Give 'em to the neighbourhood kids, bring 'em to work. You’ll be a star.

Actually, it sounds from the OP like the Splenda that’s cut with sugar is the kind she has. And if Consumer Reports tested straight Splenda in baking, they’ll definitely have come up short. Most of straight Splenda is filler so it measures cup for cup with sugar, but the filler doesn’t add volume like sugar does.

actually where splenda really shines in dessert/snack baking is in fillings - turnovers/pies…

I make a killer apple custard pie. just sub in apple sauce 1:1 for the pumpkin in a pumpkin pie recipe. You can also use splenda for good effect in freezer jams.

From what I can see of the slightly deranged looking woman on the Splenda ad in the UK, Splenda must be close to some other, illegal, white powder :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a straight-Splenda product that “measures like sugar” in addition to the Splenda-sugar blend.