What to do with dollar coins

A guy who owed me $50 paid me yesterday, with dollar coins. Dick move, IMHO.

Anyway, what would you do with fifty dollar coins? It seems rude to pay a restaurant check with a pile of coins, doesn’t it? A friend in retail tells me that cash registers do not have a place for dollar coins, so they are a pia. Maybe I’ll take them by the bank and get real paper money.

I haven’t had any of these coins before. The have the Statue of Liberty on one side, and Paul McCartney (when did he die?) on the other.:dubious:

Dollar coins are a joke. Take them to the bank and get real money.

^That’s what I’ll end up doing. I’ll just have to watch what I say. I’m worried TSA agents might take offense.

Send them to me. I love dollar coins.

I usually leave them as a tip.

Coin counters take them, but they charge a fee. Fortunately my bank’s coin counter is free to those having an account. So I just take them there.

It’s not big deal for cashier’s they just throw them in the slot next to the quarters. I would feel a bit odd paying with $50.00, because when I use dollar coins I always say, “These are dollar coins,” 'cause a cashier more often than not, think they’re quarters then have to dig them out of the quarter slot to see I was correct.

What do you do with them?

Our tooth fairy only pays out in dollar coins. Or two dollar bills.

Now, $2 bills are useful. Unlike coins. They make perfect tips to get you remembered.

I like to take dollar coins when I go to RennFaires. 50 coins in a leather drawstring purse makes a nice jingling sound, can be used as a weapon, and is a good amount for the entrance fee, food, and adult beverages.

I’m confused. How is it a dick move? He owed you money, and he paid in full using legal tender, is that right? I mean, as long as it’s gov’t backed and not funny money, what’s your problem?

Jeez, at the very least, you can use them as stocking stuffers. Got any kids in your life?

It’s a dick move because when he really needed cash, I gave him two twenties and two fives. He pays me back with a pile of poker chips. If he paid me in pennies, that would be idiotic, right?

My daughter (19) and son (15) are flying from Pennsylvania to Florida today. I offered the coins to them. Maybe they are spoiled, but in return for my offer I got rollseyes.

Just go to the gas station and buy gas. I receive them as a cashier all the time - usually one or two at once, but I’ve received 30+ at once. The problem for me is that customers don’t like getting them as change. If I have a bunch, I try to give one to every customer that gets at least 2 bucks change, but they often refuse. Then again, there’s always that one customer who thinks they’re “rare,” so they ask me if I have more that they can have. Also, I get some older people who find dollar coins an easy way to save for their grandkids - they’ll take a few, and dump 'em in the change jar at home, then give 'em to the grandkids.


I use them all the time. For what? Generally for paying for anything that costs between one and five dollars.

I figure the more I use them, the more they get circulated, the more people stop whining about the existence of coins. If enough people do that, then maybe – just maybe – we’ll eventually reach the point where they’ll stop pissing away money minting dollar bills.

Gas station. It’s easy to spend 50 bucks there, and if you fill your tank first, they have no choice but to accept them.

^I haven’t seen a gas station that allows you to fill before you pay in a looong time!

This is a joke right? You’re teenage children turned down $25 in free money because they were dollar coins? Christ man, mail them to me.

I would have taken $25 in pennies if someone had offered to me in college. Hell, I’d take it now.

Just use them, one or two at a time. They’re money, right?

Paul McCartney?

Is this the coin you got?

Nope, i got fifty of the coins with Paul McCartney’s (Sir?) mug

And my kids got real money. In my son’s defense, he is very worried about the TSA agents and the rectal probe I described.