What to do with lamb stock?

Today for the first time I tried braising some lamb shanks. It turned out well. I am no kitchen expert, but I know enough to save the juice and glazings and boil the bones to make stock.

Trouble is, I can’t think what to do with lamb stock. What would you do? It has a lot of extra flavors from stuff that I braised with (few onions, mushrooms, lots of garlic). I want to make something my kids like, so that would lean toward more starchy and less veggie and herby. But I’m open to suggestions.

My first thought on reading the title was rabbit stew, but kids huh? I dunno, use it to make some sort of dumpling maybe?

I’d make lamb stew - one of my favorites when the weather turns cold.

What do you put into the lamb stew that you’re thinking of?

I kind of wing it but in general…

I get about 2 lbs of lamb stew meat from the butcher and brown it in olive oil in a 6 quart pot
Set the lamb aside and fry about 5 or 6 chopped cloves of garlic in the same pot with some more olive oil and when it’s fragment add back the lamb, S&P, the stock, a small can of petite diced tomatoes, a tablespoon or two of lemon juice and some crushed oregano (add some water if the lamb isn’t almost covered)
Let that simmer real low about 2 hours and then I add in fresh greens beans and diced potatoes and in about 1/2 hour more you have lamb stew.
If that’s not enough starch it goes great over rice.

Moroccan Harira. Lamb-based soup with legumes. Popular as a fast-breaker during Ramadan.


Scotch Broth.


Just got beat on the Scotch Broth. You can go heavy on the barley and make it closer to a starchy stew.

I like the legume direction, gonna give that a shot.

risotto with mint

Lentil soup, then add back in some fried ground lamb meat and melt in some jack cheese at the end. Don’t forget the crusty sourdough, you’re gonna want it to mop up every molecule!

A potato braise with plenty of garlic and lemon would go nicely with the lamb stock. I’d be tempted to add some parsnip or perhaps parsley root, too

To me, lamb stew like this demands red wine, thyme and probably carrots. Possibly some cumin and a tiny hint of cinnamon, too. Frankly, all this lamb talk this has me reconsidering my shopping list for this afternoon :slight_smile:

Literally anything that requires broth.

Baa low, sell high.

Cook rice or grits in it.

Mulligatawny soup comes to mind.

I like to add a bit of lamb stock to quartered Brussels Sprouts to soften them, having fried them on a fairly high heat for a few minutes prior.