What to do with old paintings and artwork?

I did not want to hijack the cougar painting thread so I thought I would start this one.

What to do with a bunch of old paintings and artwork?

Backstory: I inherited a closetful of paintings and artwork from my father when he passed away last year. Most of them are very old, or I should say, they hung in our home when I was growing up. I have photos of me and my brother as we grew up and a lot of them are on the walls in the background. I guess most of them are out-of-date (early 70s thru late 80s/early 90s). It is a mixed bag - some portaits (anonymous, not of family), some framed posters, some original works, some duplicates. All framed, and some have a tag on the back with info about the artist. A lot are from our travels in northern Mexico when we lived in L.A. (big, heavy wooden frames). Others, nothing - in fact I cannot really make out the artist name on some of them. There is one Miro, and a signed Guillaume Azoulay poster from a 1979 art show in L.A.

Here is my question where I hope the art community here can help - How do I get rid of them? There is no sentimental value to me, but I cannot bring myself to just chuck them into the trash. I imagine there is some value in some of them, but how do I find out what is valuable, and what is trash-worthy? Other than the Miro, he did not mention anything about any of the other work, and he left no instructions regarding them. Should I just take photos of everything and put it up on craigslist? Have an art garage sale? I would not know how to even price everything. I do not know a lot about art so I am somewhat, no VERY, lost. The collection is just collecting dust and taking up space in my closet.

Any advice on how to start is welcome.

Google “online art appraisal”. You can email the appraiser photos of the artworks and tag info. If you get even a hundred bucks or so for one of the paintings (and I notice from a quick Google search that signed Azoulay posters seem to go for about that much), it will be worth paying an appraisal fee. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that something that was important to your father has been passed along to somebody else who will get pleasure and possibly profit from it, instead of just vanishing forever from the world of art to decompose in a landfill.

If you can prove authenticity the Miro could be worth thousands. I think Kimstu’s suggestion of an appraisal is a good idea.

Definitely, get the collection appraised. And don’t dump the less valuable works in the garbage–at least, donate them to a charity. I’ve known artists who haunted the Salvation Army for amateur art they could alter in weird ways…

The stuff that gets appraised as “zero monetary value,” you can donate to a local art school. Worst come to worse, the paintings will get painted over, which means that they’ll be preserved for at least one more generation beneath a coat of paint.