What to do with Spray Paint?

I’m not sure if this belongs here or in the Cafe, but I’ll just have to throw the spaghetti at the wall, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

After completing a biology project-- depicting retroviral replication-- I have a surplus of aerosol paint. What could I, a young man (with a yet-impeccable criminal record) do with it? Besides huffing it, I mean. The fumes have killed enough brain cells as itiis. :smack:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Do you have a car?

You could donate it to a theater group, for painting scenery.

I’m fourteen, so no poorly-made pinstripes for me just yet. :frowning:

Besides my not knowing local theater groups, I don’t have cases of the stuff-- just some quarter-used cans of the primary colors.

Thanks again.

Just look in your yellow pages for local theater groups. Or you could donate the stuff to your local community center or Boys and Girls club for some kid’s art project.