What to do with these egg yolks?

I’ve made myself a 3 egg white omelette. Now I’ve got 3 egg yolks in a cup. What do I do with them? The only thing that comes immediately to mind is pudding. Anything else.

I actually googled this yesterday because I had to clue “egg yolks.”

Hollandaise sauce, tiramisu, a couple of other desserts. There’s a good site at one of the top ten hits, I don’t remember which one.

Well, hollandaise sauce, of course, to pour on your omelet and get back its natural fat & cholesterol content!

Get a dog and give them to him. My dog sits there salivating every time I make an omelette cause he knows he’s gettin’ him some of that yellow stuff.

Believe me, I’ve got enough natural fat and cholesterol content all by my lonesome, I don’t need to eat up some more.

Paint a picture - could be messy but having fun often is :slight_smile:

This was actually the #1 hit on google.

Cook them (If not broken, add enough water to cover and simmer gently, maybe four minutes. If broken, just ‘scramble’ em) and chop them, and feed them to any animal handy: pet cat/dog/rat/rodents/whatever. If you don’t have pets, sprinkle the chopped yolks outdoors somewhere where birds and/or squirrels will spot them.

Animals NEED extra fat and the vitamins in the yolk, especially in winter.

Have you tried egg beaters? They’re basically colored and flavored egg whites. I use them for omelettes and scrambled eggs and can’t tell the difference over real eggs.

They’re usually sold over in the butter section. Give 'em a shot.

Use them beaten and mixed with a little honey for a FABULOUS moisturizing facial mask or deep hair conditioning treatment. Mix, slap on, let dry and wash out. You’ll never pay for drugstore crap again.

Yes, I’ve tried them. They’re pretty good. However a 3 pack of Eggbeaters is $2.49 while a dozen eggs are 1.09. You can see why I choose to get 12 egg whites for a dollar as opposed to 6 eggs (each pack is about two eggs worth of eggish substance) for two and a half dollars.
Plus, with Eggbeaters, there’s no painting or pudding or feeding the animals!

Eggnog is even better with just the yolks. mmmm…Egg yolk, milk, cream and booze.

Well, if you want to avoid the fat. Make custard pie and give it to someone you love.

I hate Angel Food cake but it meant that Mom would follow it up with fresh egg noodles. Yuuuummmmm

Two egg yolks and a tablespoon of water can substitue for a whole egg in some recipes, like cookies. Or cake mixes can use the subs too. When I have to make cakes at work, I do the white cakes first, and save the yolks. Then I use the yolks, as above, in the chocolate cake afterwards. I end up using eighteen whole eggs and a little water, instead of twenty four whole eggs, and having to waste the yolks in the white cake.

My grocer’s, Kroger, sells a store name brand egg white product called Break-Free that is perpetually on sale for $1.69 and has eight servings to a carton.

Three egg yolks sounds about right for a single-serving creme brulee, or any other sort of custard.

You’d need more than 3, but Avgolemeno soup is absolutely delicious. It’s Greek lemon-chicken soup…yum!

Sell them on Ebay.

Put them in a baggie and give them to the homeless. Oh no. That’s only on the Golden Girls…

The facial mask recipe actually sounds pretty decent. May have to try that here.