What to expect when you're on Lorazepam

I went to have an MRI on my shoulder last Thursday. Due to the fact that I am a great big pussy, I was unable to complete, or even begin, the procedure. So I go back tomorrow with some Lorazepam.

My doctor prescribed two, so that I would be sure to have enough. That sounds like I ought to try one, and see how goofy I get while I’m waiting for my ride. I have long gotten over enjoying being really messed up, so I am hoping I can get by with one.

How messed up should I expect to get on this? If I take it at 4:30, should I expect to call it a day afterwards, or will it wear off in say 5 hours? Will I need any kind of pain medication, or will it take care of the pain? I would really hate to be high and in pain.

What I’ve got from the label is, it should be stored in a IA Smart Cabinet (I don’t have one of those), May cause drowsiness, intensified by alcohol (wasn’t planning on drinking at the radiology place anyway), Should not be taken if I am pregnant, or suspect I am pregnant OR breastfeeding (I am certain that I am neither pregnant nor breastfeeding) and to use care with OTC meds (I won’t take any). All that I’ve got covered.

Anybody familiar with this particular controlled substance?

I take it for dentist visits. What dosage did he give you? If you had a full - fledged panic attack in the MRI, I would recommend taking both of them about an hour before your appointment. I don’t get “high” off of them - I simply don’t rip the arms off of the dentist’s exam chair. They don’t help with pain - my dentist gives me additional meds for pain if I’ll need them. I wouldn’t recommend driving or any activity requiring fine motor skills for at least 8 hours after, just to be safe. A nap would be best.

It says 0.5 mg; take as needed. The catch is I only get two. I would be very happy if I spent the rest of the night sleeping it off. I’ve slept lying down once in the past three weeks, and that was on vicodin.

This site:


reports that Lorazepam is “equivalent” to a dosage of 10x Diazepam (aka Valium). If you’ve ever taken Valium for whatever reason, you should have a fairly good idea of what to expect. I took 15 mg of diazepam 30 minutes before a Ph.D. qualifying (oral) exam and was perfectly lucid, if rather relaxed, for the next several hours. I would exercise all caution, but not particularly worry that you’ll immediately lose all control of your body and mind. I would follow the recommendations of your physician, if he or she has any particular advice or concerns, but cum grano salis (you’re ultimately the one responsible for taking care with medications, obviously!).

Is it your first time taking it? For me, I took 0.5 mg and I slept like a log and was really knocked out the next day. After several days, the drowisness wore off.

The key here is that it is your first time taking this medication. This will make the effect more immediate,more intense and will likely last longer.

Depending on your weight this dose should not produce any untoward results,save you will probably have a good nights sleep that night.

0.5 mgs is the usual dose given to 80 yr. old geriatrics to alleviate agitation, so in itself it is not a large dose. However, depending on your reaction to the confinement of an MRI, you may consider taking both tablets. I have administered doses as great as 4 mg to agitated patients and the most common result is decreased level of agitation and a good sleep.

All things being equal, this medication, in this dose, will do you no harm. In the event you do have a stronger than expected reaction to it, you seem to indicate in your OP that someone is taking you to your appointment and I presume, bringing you home. A good idea.

Bottom line : Really not a whole lot to worry about. You’ll most likely be fine.

IANAD, perhaps Quagdop will see this and elaborate with his usual expertise.

If you find yourself saying, “pretty bird” over and over, you may have been given Lorakeet by mistake. :wink:

I am familiar with Valium just not, um, by itself, so I’m really not sure if I remember a couple of evenings in strobe because of it or something else. Hopefully the singing, and perhaps the “Pretty bird” recitation, will be kept to a minimum.