What to send soldiers in Iraq

I am looking for specific info on what to send this time of year to infantrymen working out of an FOB in Iraq as a morale booster. I am looking for near-firsthand information as possible if anyone has it. I have already found plenty of WAG’s by Googling but I am interested in specifics if possible (what are the known shortages, what are the known surpluses, what are the latest non-issue must-have super-polymer glow-in-the-dark military/outdoors goods for individuals, would 10lbs of M&M’s candy be good enough, etc). I don’t know if an FOB is located close to a branch PX… if that were the case obviously that would make a lot of items redundant.

anysoldier.com is the absolute best resource for this. They can even tell you how many people are stationed in each area and what they need (and what they definitely don’t need). An excerpt:

ETA: As far as I know, M&M’s are sorely missed but will only arrive in a big, melted blob.

Cat Fight, where is that quote on their site? I’d like to read the link about flea collars, but I can’t find that text blurb under their “What Not To Send” info.

Here’s a direct link (via ‘What to Send’)

Baby wipes.

Didn’t Warren Zevon answer this like forever ago? Send lawyers, guns and money Hyah!