What to use for "Just Married" window paint?

How do you write on car windows, a la “Just Married” or whatever?

Is there a special paint?

I heard that people use soap for that. Or you can buy window paint.

I’d suggest using tempera paint, which is non-toxic, impermanent and cleans up easily with soap and water. It’s available in any number of colors and can be found in any arts and crafts shop.

I’ve always used white shoe polish, the kind with the built in sponge on the bottle.

You could also use white shoe polish. It comes off windows fairly easily.

Oh, and do not use Silly String on the car. If it touches any rubber moulding, it’ll blister it and the bride and groom will be pissed at you.

Also, don’t stick fresh fish under a seat. They won’t find it for a couple of weeks, and again, they’ll be pissed at you. :D:D

P.S. – gmta

Dare I ask how you know this?

But a handful of rice down the AC vents can be hilarious!

I’ll second Q.E.D. with the tempera paint, it’s what I always gave people who asked about it when I worked at an art supply store.
And don’t fill the trunk with rice.

OK, got it.

Tempera paint? Good.
Bar of soap? Good.
White shoe polish (with the built in sponge)? Good.
Fish under seats? Bad.
Rice in air vents? Bad.

Anyone have any experience with eggs in the seat pockets? How about thinly-sliced raw chicken in the CD player? My Google research says Good.

Just don’t get the shoe polish on the paint. Many years ago, we used shoe polish to write “Just Married” on a friend’s car. It would’nt come off. He ended up getting a body shop to buff out the entire finish, but they had to go through the clear coat to get it all off. Fortunately (I guess), he didn’t mind.

Well, let’s face it, he’d just gotten married. When you’re drowning in the ocean, does it matter if someone pours a teacup full of water on your head?

Stop by a car dealer and ask them for a couple of sticks of the stuff they use on their $99 PER MONTH windshields.

When I sold cars we used Window Wax. You simply paint with it. Use a paint brush.

After the wedding they can just polish the Window Wax residue off for the shiniest windows they’ve ever had.

No ideas about that, and I also won’t suggest saving all the shredded paper from work, especially from a cross-shredder, and dumping that in the car, since it takes a lot of vacuming to get all the tiny bits of papaer out of all the cracks.

They paint those Christmas greetings on shop windows with a mixture of Tempura Paints mixed with a little bit of dish soap. Just add water, when you want it gone, it washes off beautifully!

Bill Door, it was the best man’s car. Fortunately for us, he was still trying to be a hippie, against materialism and all that. Unfortunately for him, we were all broke college kids.

Someone mentioned filling the car with shredded paper. A cousin of mine did that when his brother married, except that he used paper that had gone through a shredder that punched holes in the paper until there was nothing left but chads. Five years later, the groom went to trade in the car for another. He turned on the air conditioning, and a piece of paper blew out of the vent and into his lap.

Old fashioned white dry laundry soap powder, mixed with a little water, will make a thick white paint. And, being detergent, it washes off both windows and painted surfaces easily.

Goto Target and check the party aisle (by the stationary dept usually). I know they used to (most likely still do) have a shoe-polish-looking tube specifically for writing on car windows. It may even come in different colors. I’m sure the same thing can be found in similar stores in similar departments.

I was terrified beyond reason that one of my friends would hide a dead fish in our wedding/honeymoon car, fortunately, the best man told them not to worry, that he had it in hand - which he did - he put an unopened tin of sardines in the glove box, which we took out for a picnic lunch.

He did, however, fill the entire inside of the car with inflated balloons - thinking I was being extra resourceful, I pulled the pin out of my buttonhole carnation and began popping them all away. It turned out that many were partly filled with rice or the chads from office paper punches.

Not unless it’s frozen solid.

It won’t go in the slot otherwise. Unless the CD player is like the ones on computers, where the tray slides out, of course.

Handsful of rice stuffed in every pocket of the luggage and fold of clothing in said luggage? Bad.
Bottle of perfume opened and upended over contents of luggage? Bad.
Pair of naughtily-decorated gingerbread people from now-defunct Erotic Bakery in NYC, smuggled into luggage? Good. (though not so good when friend doing smuggling decides to improvise with perfume, grrrrr. We provided cookies, groomsman agreed to smuggle into luggage for us… Similar story with the rice, double-grrrr…).