What to wear to a winter wedding

My brother’s getting married in February and my mother has been nagging at me since last July about what I’m gonna wear. I know it’s a long way off, but I’ve got to pacify her somehow. So, OK, girlies, what do you wear to a winter wedding? All the other weddings I’ve been too have been in the summer and a nice dress won’t hack a British February.
If it helps, I’m 25 and I’m female, for some reason, most posters think I’m male!

With it being in February, I would assume that it’s an indoor wedding…

How about a dress that looks good with dressy boots (so you can wear socks to keep your feet warm, and no one will be the wiser) and a matching wrap to keep the rest of you warm? (Or at least your shoulders.)

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A dress in February! Brrrrrr… It’s in a cold church too. Where would I buy a dress suitable for winter that’s not black? Hmmm Dafty ponders

How about a nice suit in a dark colour?

There exist nice but warmish dresses, which can be worn with medium weight tights and an attractive cardigan or wrap (or both)

There also exist dressy long skirts which can be mixed and matched with cute sweaters, cardigans etc.

Alternatively, how about a slightly dressy suit — a skirt suit or a trouser suit, either will so, and either can be accessorised up. Incidentally, my parents married at the end of December and my mother wore a black wool skirt suit and a hat.

Look at what you’ve already got. Try things on. Go out and see what’s in the shops. If you feel able to pacify your mum without giving her the exact brands, styles and colours you’ll be wearing, then you could leave everything until the January Sales, when you’ll be able to pick up something quite swish for a bargain.

I’ve got a velveteen dress in a pretty jewel-tone floral print that I wear for dressy occasions in winter. I got it from Hanes (whose catalogues also have various jersey type clothes of the non-sporty persuasion), IIRC. I don’t know if you can order from their catalogue in the UK though.

Shops For Dresses and Skirts: Marks and Spencer Per Una line, Jigsaw, Whistles, Debenhams (look at the “Designers At Debenhams” line - there are some super things from John Rocha, John Richmond, Maria Grachvogel, Jasper Conran, Pearce Fionda etc, and they come in sizes 8-18. Nota bene, they size big, so a size 14 dress in this line will usually fit a size 16 body), even H&M (bargain!)
Brands For Dresses and Skirts: French Connection, Great Plains, Nougat, Marco Polo, Day etc, etc… get out there and see what’s what (and for Pete’s sake, there’s a Harvey Nicks in Manchester)

Think wool, velvet, jersey and layering. With a long sleeved jersey top, a mid calf length skirt plus cardigan and wrap, and 40 denier tights you can be lovely and warm. Also remember that gloves and hats add insulation, and can be very nice and churchy.
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Black/grey/brown/navy/cream trousers, boots, vest and cardy in any colours you like, gloves and hat, coat, brolly.

Bring strappy heels if you want, discard boots, outer clothes and cardigan at reception, leaving you in nice vest and trousers combo to dance in.

I ventured into Harvey Nicks once…
I was gonna wait for the January sales, but my mothers all ready after me! She doesn’t want me to wait to last minute. I’m the one who has pay for it!