What topics would get a 50/50 split in GD?

It seems that many Great Debate threads end up being a a large group of Dopers attempting to “teach” a much smaller group (or one person) that their position is the right one.

Often times, or maybe just sometimes, one or a few of the majority gets really snotty and snooty with the dissenters.

It’s really quite annoying to see. Except for those times when someone really is a dolt or has wrong information.

If this were just a rant, I would end by saying: Having different opinions or coming to other conclusions doesn’t make a minority opinion stupid. So lay off, already!

No. No links. On any given week in GD you can randomly wander in and see what I mean.
Now… with that out of the way, here’s my Q:

What subjects would be most likely to see a 50/50 (or close to it) split in the opinions or conclusions of current Dopers?

Tax law? Conservative economic policy? Anti-war sentiment? Religion vs Atheism? Differences within religions? Gay rights? Standards of beauty or excellence? Racism in the real world? Space science relevance?

Are there ANY ideas on which we might be evenly split?

If you can point me to any past debates that are evenly split, are the subjects of debate deep or shallow?

Okay, so this partly is a rant. But, I really do want to know.

Two categories get 50/50 split as far as I can see…

  1. Those debates that go on for a long long time – tend to have an equal number of active debators on each side.

  2. Those debates that get hijacked by two enthusiists who bore everyone else beyond the fields of lurk and spat between themselves ad nauseum.

Guaranteed 50-50 split in Great Debates:

Less Filling Or Tastes Great?


50/50 splits seem to be in the numerous threads about sex, about male/female “friendships”, or about women that never fall for nice guys.