What TV show do you Associate with each of your family members?

This question might be hit an miss, but I think it will have enought hits, to be a hit.

For each family member, list the tv show you MOST associate with them, and why. The TV show does not need to be in current production.

I’m looking for an actual named show, so sporting events, and daily local news would not work.
(I thought of my Grandfather, and incidently the creation of this thread when I posted the recent question on if the Music to TPC is public domain)

Grandfather: ‘The People’s Court’ – When ever my parents would ‘drop me off’ with the grandparents, ‘The People’s Court’ would always be on. We would argue and take sides on who would win during the case. Of course, this would have to have been around when I was 6 or 7, I nearly always saw the Plaintiff as the won to win, based simply on the definition of the term.

Grandmother: “The Price Is Right” - I am sure that ‘price’ will get a few ‘me too’ listings, but it doesnt take away from the fact that I can recall watching price with her on many occasions.

Uncle: “Junkyard Wars” - He had this on during one of the “Thanksgiving in the Junkyard” marathons. The Idea of Junkyard Wars intriqued me, and I know it is the same exact reason why he watched.

Mom: “Room By Room” - I would say that next to anything on HGTV or Food Network would fit the bill for her, but it is one of the first shows I can think of, that she liked watching way back when we first got the additional channels. I was interested in Room By Room for a while there as well.

Stepdad: “Washington Journal” – Again he likes to watch a Lot of “Talking Heads” but the apparent… style?! of Washington Journal seems to best summarize his viewing habits for me.

I have other family members, but I just dont have any TV Show that I equate with them, on the same level.

My wife watches Home Shopping Channels. To deliberately turn on endless commercials stuns me. We do not watch TV together. She also finds sit coms to be hilarious.