What TV show had 'just once' by quincy jones as the theme

I am listening to this song and it sounds like the theme to some 80s show I can’t remember. Was this the theme to a TV show or am I confused.

Grarrrhhhh zombie theme song!!!
I had Sonny Rollins on in the background tonight and ‘Just Once’ came on (album: Dancing in the Dark). I couldn’t place the song, but somewhere in the back of my mind I imagine some cheesy 80s sitcom or somethingorother using it as its theme. I pop the question into Google and this thread pops up. Can’t find the answer elsewhere, and rather than raise the question in a new thread I’d raise the dead…


Why didn’t the OP link to YouTube? thinks I. Oh wait, 2004. That was BYT.

All I could find was reference to the soundtrack to a cheesy 80s movie, Last American Virgin

You sure it wasn’t “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tail that you are remembering? (Also James Ingram)