What type of photos do people take in dating website personals?

The ‘arms length/mirror’ photo thread got me thinking.

I met my fiancee on eHarmony. Early on, the women I got matched with had photos surrounded by friends, or in exotic locales, or with families. I took these to mean “I have a social life” and paid heed to the context of the photos by posting photos of myself on vacation, with friends, etc.

The funny thing was, when talking to my fiancee about it (her photos were a beautiful close-up shot of her face, and two with her nephew) she remarked that she was a little put off by some of my photos, and almost didn’t respond. The photo in question was me ATV’ing in Mexico, perched on an ATV in full gear. Since its not something normally I do, but rather something I did on a whim on vacation, I thought I looked rather badass.

My better half thought I looked rather rediculous :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you noticed this trend? Off the top of my head, this seems to be the trend I’ve observed by gender:

Take pictures with their friends/family. Often take pictures while on vacation, with a beach/volcano/etc in the background.

Frequently shirtless, accompanied by a dog or similar 4-legged animal, in some pimped-out car, with other guy friends, or ex girlfriend meticulously scribbled out with MS paint :stuck_out_tongue:


If, Og forbid, I ever date online again in the future, I suppose its my duty to have a photo taken of my flabby shirtless torso exposed, while behind the wheel of a jacked-up ford mustang with 22-inch rims, with a dog on the hood.

…wait what? women don’t like that? :confused:

I’m gay and have a good body, so I did the “muscle shot” thing as my face isn’t nearly as good as my body.

I tired other shots like when I was on business trips to San Francisco or NYC and truthfully it didn’t make much of a difference, except with the muscle shot I got noticed in real life.

I think the gay dating scene is much different from the straight one. I mean you really need that shirtless pic. :slight_smile: