What type of white is Romney?

Is he Irish? Turkish? Armenian? Danish? What?

A quick wiki search indicates that he is of mostly English descent. So, he’s a WASM.

Mormons are typically Northwest European in ancestry, a kind of re-assmblage of various strands of Teutonic migration.

Does the Romney family darken their skin when reaching out to Hispanics?

Mitt at the conference ten days ago and his son in the Spanish language ad both seemed rather dark skinned.


Mitt Romney, the other dark/white meat.

I doubt it. If you have actual evidence that they do, you should present it.

We went over this in a thread not long ago, and I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Do a search and you’ll find the thread about Romney’s sons.

The kind that naps in tanning beds.

Considering that he wouldn’t look out of place in a Sears catalog or an episode of Ozzie and Harriet, I’ve got to go with “Really White”.

That’ll be a category for minority scholarships if Mitt’s elected.

I’ll take “As White As It Gets” for five hundred, Alex!

I’m pretty sure he’s American.

If I have to choose an American White, I’ll go with Wonder Bread. He has the same perfect consistent flesh tone, the perfect square shape, and the perfect utterly bland flavor of… well, nothing really.


(like me. It’s cool.)


The answer seems to be mostly British with a few other odds and ends tossed in. Check out the whole article as it’s got some really interesting stuff on Obama, who’s family has actually been in the US since the 1600’s…though under less favorable circumstances of course.

After his wife’s recent comments concerning his mental well-being, I’ll go with “eggshell”.

From one of the better genealogical websites:

I thought that the LDS Church was supposed to maintain the most extensive geological site; especially when it came to Mormons. No cite, but that is what I’ve always heard.

That would be helpful in determining what kind of mineral Romney is. Perhaps chalk?

The Church keeps some of the most extensive genealogical records in the world. Apparently Mormon theology allows post-death baptism of ancestors, but you have to have those ancestors names, so they’ve put a lot of effort into tracing back family trees.

Sort of a silly reason from a secular perspective, but the end result is nice, as they provide a pretty good resource for genealogical resources even for people outside the Church.

I’m actually more surprised at how far back genealogists claim to be able to trace back Obama and his wife’s slave ancestors. Presumably most slaves were illiterate and not generating their own birth-records, and I wouldn’t think there would be much incentive for owners to care which slave came who newborn slaves parents were.