What up with the Prince Charkes "incident"?

I understand that Prince Charles has issued atatement denying his involvement in a particlar incident, the nature of which has not been made public. The newspapers know the story but are unwilling to give details for legal reasons. What’s the deal here? There must be a lot of rumours flying around Britain at the moment. Have any websites published details of this incident?

Is this the 6th or 7th thread on this subject in the past . . . 20 hours ?

If you use the search function, I suspect it’ll make several Mods very happy indeed.

thanks very much. I’m pretty new here and didnt know about the search function.

Here. About the eighth picture down on the left hand side.

… and here I thought the big secret was that Prince Charles and Marilyn Quayle were actually the same person.



Now let’s get out there, find 'em and report back!

Since there’s already another thread on the boards discussing this, I’ll direct you to that thread and close this one.

Things that Prince Charles hasn’t done

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