What version of Fluxx should I get?

I’d like to get a copy of the game Fluxx. Does anyone suggests a particular deck?

I’ve played with the original deck and the Monty Python deck. From what I can tell, they are more-or-less the same (with very minor exceptions). Are all of the theme decks pretty much the same?

Thanks in advance.

Zombie Fluxx is similar in terms of gameplay, but with more walking dead. This means more groaning and less singing.

I’ve only played the Python version a few times, but it seemed harder to win. A lot of the goals require a particular creeper, and there are fewer ways to manipulate creepers.

Stoner Fluxx really isn’t very interesting. The idea is cute, “Ha! We’re playing Stoner Fluxx! We’re Stoners!” but the novelty wears off very quickly. I personally like regular Fluxx and adding creativity with bonus cards yourself. Having a special goal just for one game/party/holiday really does make it a special game.

Zombie Fluxx is fun, with the bonus that you can remove all the zombie-related cards and have a normal game of Fluxx.

Regular Fluxx is probably still the best overall. The other ones are just themed variations - you might like them better if you like the theme but that’s about it. The only significant play variation is that Zombie Fluxx and Martian Fluxx have Creeper cards as well as Keepers - cards that prevent you from reaching goals if you have them.

Apparently the company found this true overall. They no longer make the Stoner variation.

I predict it will reappear when people can actually do all of the things on the cards legally. Meanwhile, I will hold onto my copy.